Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama Must Pay For His Recklessness

The Teleprompter of the Uneducated, Barry Soetoro, is so furious that his oil buddies fucked up and made him look bad (we know you don't give a turdlet about the environment, Barry) that he wants them to pay.

How is King Hussein supposed to keep up the façade of being the "greatest environmentalist president since Roosevelt" if his oil buddies are destroying the environment...without those pesky permits?

I feel for the guy, really. His golf handicap must have taken a huge hit with something like this on his mind. No wonder he wants to kick someone's ass...he's probably slicing more than a college drop-out working at Sal's pizza up in Southie.

Here's a ha-ha videotube...

Search Amazon.com for socialism in america

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