Monday, June 14, 2010

Obama Is A Fraud, Awesome Golfist - President? Eh, Not So Much

It's been 57 days since the Oil Spill down in the Gulf of Mexico, or as the Telepresident likes to call it, "The Golf of Mexico".

Obviously, George W. Bush caused it so The Telepresident has found it obviously necessary to play 38 rounds of golf since the worst oil disaster in history.


Read that NY Times article again. The Democrats love to point fingers (Katrina was Bush's fault, the economy is Bush's fault, 9/11 was Bush's fault, Bin Laden is friends with Bush...etc) so read it again.

Obama is a fraud.

So...the "progressive", "environmental friendly", liberal president allows BP, an enormous contributor to his campaign by the way, to drill in The Gulf despite warnings from environmental groups about the impact it would have on the wildlife and the Gulf itself. He does this by passing a law allowing them to do as such without the proper permits in place, basically telling them "Get me the permits later".

All hell breaks loose and we're blaming the Brits??? Is this man accountable to anything he does?

I mean, we all know the uneducated, the uninformed and the misguided put this man in charge and the media did everything in it's power to place him on this pedestal and tear his opposition down and, while this is still a huge story, the MSM isn't addressing the real issue here.

It was always a blame game with the last administration. Where has it gone?

Were Bush still president. That NY Times article would have some very, very different wording for sure. I mean, the message is there (that Obama is to blame) but it's buried in subtext. The Slimes would have been perfectly direct in its wording were Bush at the helm of this disaster.

The connection to campaign contributions would be in the article, the lack of permits would be there - never mind the fact that every time Bush went on vacation to Texas people cried about him being there instead of "doing his job".

Oh, and thanks go to barbaylive for pointing out this little nugget. Just last week...this moron has the balls to say Obama is the best environmental president since Roosevelt. Un-fucking-believable. Again, facts not getting in the way of reality with liberals.

38 rounds of golf. And still counting...

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