Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anna Fermanova

Apparently all the hot chics are Russian spies now.

Remember over the last two years all the awesome was hot teachers allegedly screwing their studentsOf course you do...because you clearly remember asking yourself why all your teachers looked like this and this and made you stay after school to write an essay, while suddenly they all look like this:

and this:

and make you stay after school so they can go down on you.

Well, the new awesome is Anna Fermanova, left, who was smuggling night vision sniper rifles or scopes or whatever so that she can spy on me when I'm getting undressed.

I'm not offended, as long as she doesn't do anything untoward with the pictures.

Anyway, in other news, a Federal Judge did as she was bribed threatened over legally obligated to do according to the Constitution.  Which was basically pave the way for Eric Holder (officially the scariest man alive) and Barry Soetoro to waltz all over state's rights by dismantling every single critical bit of a case Arizona had to defend itself from our sue happy "president".

Up next, Federal Court.

P.S. Anna, call me.

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