Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Let Me Be Very Clear...

The Great House Of Cordoba
Obama loves to say that.  But he seldom is.

I'm going to try to be clear...and maybe you idiots that voted for this inept, monkey-brained, live-and-die-by-the-polls Chicago Thugitician into office will get an idea as to why we find you repulsive.  I'm even going to use your favorite website, Wikipedia (the MSNBC of websites) to make my point.  I mean, if it's on Wikipedia then it's far as liberals are concerned.

The Great Mosque Of Cordoba is a mosque in Spain.  This particular mosque has significance due to why and when it was built.  It was built at the end of the Reconquista, which was, for those of you that can't derive its meaning from the name, a period of about 700 years of Islamic fundamentalists conquering villages, killing Christians and claiming land.  Spain put up a pretty darn good fight, yet lost.  Millions of Christians died.

When it was over, much like the USC Trojan rides out into the center of the field, releases a great war growl and throws his spear into the ground...figuratively saying "Here, we have conquered".  A metaphorical middle finger to those people ground to dust under the heel of Islam.

Since then, as Spain isn't controlled by lunatics, it's been converted to a Roman Catholic church.  Wow, those hateful Spaniards, how dare they!

Unless you live on the moon, you know there are plans in place to try and build a Muslim Mosque/Community Center (lotsa liberal buzz words there) named, you guessed it, "The Cordoba House".  Do you think there's a statement in there?  Or did all the Islamofascists pick names out of a hat?

As paul from mean ol meany said yesterday,  this building literally is Ground Zero.  The landing gear crashed through this building.  Also, you think there might have been bits of Christian remains scattered across it as well?

For centuries, Muslims would slaughter people, take their land and call it theirs.  But we're fighting a different kind of war, now.  Many, many Muslims have stated time and time again that their goal is a pure Islamic world.  To weed out the infidels and breed us out.

The war is nearly won in Europe.  I mean, look at looks like a Middle Eastern country now.  They're just doing simple math...and laughing at all the stupid Westerners having 2 kids, while they have 5-7, knowing that in 50 years they'll have the numbers.  France is a lost cause as far as I'm concerned.  They're an enemy to this country as much as Iran, North Korea, Iraq and Barrack Obama.

Imam Feisal Adbul Rauf is spearheading (see what I did there?) the campaign to get this mosque built, all in the name of religious freedom and to bring us all together.  He's currently touring the Middle East on a federally funded trip to spread the word and to garner support for the project.  You know what federally funded means, right?  For those of you that voted for Obama I'll explain it.  It means the middle class, you those ugly people that go to work every day, get money deducted from their paychecks each week for "Federal", "State" and "Income" taxes.  Some of that money, scraped off the backs of the middle class is being used to pay for this junket.

Consider this, too, those who probably lost family members in this act of war are paying for him to go around and cavort with his terrorist buddies - and laugh about the plan they have in motion...that the idiots in The West are actually considering.  Pathetic.  You liberals make me want to puke.

Here's a quote from the same man, soon after 9/11:

"I wouldn’t say that the United States deserved what happened. But the United States’ policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.  Because we have been accessory to a lot of innocent lives dying in the world. In fact, in the most direct sense, Osama Bin Laden is made in the USA."
So...the "Religion of Peace", Islam...won that one battle when they incinerated 3,000 people in an instant.  Now they just need to plant their flag right on the bulls-eye mark. 

Anyway, Obama supported it before he didn't support it.  Which is typical of Liberals.  They say whatever it takes to get them elected.  They say whatever they think will swing the polls.  It's typical of Obama.  All he's done in the Senate was vote "present"...disgusting.

So you lilly-livered, bleeding-heart moonbats that think this is all about "bringing us all together" need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Once your Messiah is done, God 2013 can't come fast enough, you people are in for such a surprise it's not even funny.  And don't even try to tell me that he'll win a re-election.  There is no way this Pinocchio would win a legitimate election again.  Just like the SEIU and ACORN had to get dead bodies to vote for Al Franken to get over the hump and win his seat...Obama winning a second term would be nothing but complete and utter fraudulent act.  An act I know many would consider grounds for armed revolution.

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