Friday, September 3, 2010

Just A Reminder...Avoid By All Means Necessary!

Just wanted to remind folks of the review I wrote a while back.

As seen here, on a blog that has hardly any followers, it didn't take long for people to start to lodge their complaints about that place.

Avoid it, they are a scam through and through.  Here's some of the comments I received:

Too fucking funny with Vince the SCAM-wow guy. Very fitting, though.

Not sure how it went with you, but for me the first couple trades went great...gave me fair grades and paid fast. Seemed like they only downgraded 1 or 2 per order.

Then, as time went on...I'd notice they'd start grading more and more comics down. to the point that their offer became a third of what it was.

Oh, and because you trusted them and sent them 30 comics? You're screwed if you want them back after they fuck you with the shit offer...$4.50 for the first book and 50 cents a book after that PLUS shipping.

Neat little trick they have going, but most people are on to them, just check the forums, no one goes there. Cash4gold is right. 

Beautiful! I saw their comment here, and if that's any way a business is run I'll have no part of it.

Granted, I only bought one comic from them in the past, but consider me no longer a patron.


Micheal Potter ( Alpha Comics) said... Report them to the Better Business Bureau.

Oh and don't forget to post this story on 

Bad grading, I just bought a lot of 12 supposed NM comics from, when I got them them 6 of the 12, half the order was no better than VF, some being fine. I called them saying that I was thankful for the low price but when I purchase NM I expect NM. The woman on the phone was emotionless, she said no apologizes and said they would refund my money. A refund is fine but the tone in her voice made me feel like she hears this from customers all day long. I was excited about the prices at but I am now a former customer. If you want accurate honest grades look elsewhere. 

Half my order was MISSING from my order so they credit my account so I'm forced to use MY money on thier over-graded books (that is, when the idiot packing your order puts them in the box).

Then I had to deal with bored-sounding guy on the phone - elitist geek girl via e-mail - fiel a dispute with Paypal and I'm still waiting for MY MONEY to go back into my paypal account where it belongs.

Oh, and they apparently banned me from shopping there by erasing my account.

Heck, I've had problems with Mileghigh but at the end of the day business is business and Mileghigh still wants my money so they still get it (they never cancelled my account) so back to Milehigh

Lone Star / really is a bunch of elitist geeks with no knowledge of business or customer service 

I had the same situation. I bought a bunch of Amazing Spider-Man comics that were supposed to be NM and paid for bags and boards. When I received my order, they failed to bag and board the comics. The comics were also badly damaged. STAY AWAY FROM MYCOMICSHOP.COM! 

I bought 30 comics online and use USPS airmail international (cause im in mexico) the exp-arrival day for my order was 21 business days and today is the 34th day after my order was shipped and i have not receive anything, i did some research and found out that that could be a problem with Mexican postal service, so i mailed them and asked for the label number for my order so i can go to my local post office and ask for the package but they just answer me: Im sorry but we don't have tracking for international orders, So i email them back saying: Guys i already know that you cannot track my order and i don't want you to track it, I JUST NEED MY LABEL NUMBER SO I CAN GO TO MY LOCAL POST OFFICE AND ASK FOR IT. That was yesterday at 1:00 and i haven't receive any answer.

what does that say about this business?


So, if you're willing to risk permanently losing your valuable comics to undergrading, getting banned if you call them and complain and feel the risk is greater than the reward feel free to use them.

However, they're developing quite a track record.

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  1. Skyler who works at the shop and answers phones appears to be a very snide woman. No reason to treat customers like dirt.


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