Friday, September 10, 2010

Pretty "Sad" Day For Me...As A Music Fan

My absolute favorite drummer, who plays for my absolute favorite band has decided to call it quits and leave the band.

It sounds like he wanted a break, the band didn't. Granted, Mike is the hardest working man in Metal has been doing tons of side projects, (Hail, Transatlantic and Avenged Sevenfold) and got tired, apparently. So he asked for a break, knowing that DT was planning on starting to write a new album in Jan. They said they didn't need a break...I can understand their side...they haven't been working their tails off then asking everyone else to work around their schedules...but still: What is Dream Theater without Portnoy?  In my opinion, nothing.

A lot of people in the DT, Mike Portnoy communities are blaming Avenged Sevenfold (imo a horrible band that's beneath his talents) for taking up too much of his time...who knows.

All I know is that it sucks. I can't imagine a DT without this guy sitting behind the kit. He's one of the best drummers I've ever heard.


  1. That it is. At least I got to see them live. DT was also the music being played in my car when I drove my son home from the hospital, so it's the first band he ever heard. :)

    But still, :(


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