Friday, September 17, 2010

Share YOUR Wealth, Not His

According to his tax information, Obama has made this much money:

2009 – $5,505,409
2008 – $2,656,902
2007 – $4,238,165
2006 – $983,826
2005 – $1,655,106

He just made a deal to publish a children's book under Random House, which has him slated for 2 more.  The total payoff for this three book deal: $1.9 million dollars.

Here he is talking about those evil rich people:

The only logical step one can make next is that he is obviously waiting until he is done saving the country from evil successful people to give away all his money and spread the wealth around.  Because, thus far, he's spread around nothing but our money and piles of steaming bullshit.

I mean, it's so easy with this guy.  He literally says one thing and just does the opposite.  Unless it has to do with Health Care.

Just like how he plans to "extend the Obama tax cuts".  I need a super-duper ROFLMFAO acronym for this one.  He played his fiddle up the street talking about abolishing the Bush tax cuts.  But once someone that understand economics told him what will really happen if he does that - he changes the name of them, takes credit for them and says he wants to extend them...except for "rich people", of course.

Man, I hate this guy.

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