Sunday, September 19, 2010

Uncanny X-Men And Why It Sucks, Plus All These Avengers Titles

Simply put, Matt Fraction isn't very good.

PAD, old Bendis and Gage are amazing artists, and I find it sad that Gage is so quickly overlooked. Read Academy, there's a reason he's been given reign over developing the newest characters...because he's awesome. Plus his work over at IDW on the GI Joe titles...this guy is awesome.

Anyway...Uncanny X-Men is the perfect example of a comic simply resting on its laurels. Read some of the last few issues paying particular attention to the dialogue and it reads like a high-schooler - or someone simply going through the motions (my opinion).

"Hey, don't worry about good writing...we're in between crossovers. People will give us the dough regardless, so just mail it in for the next three issues and we'll have Bendis write another crossover."

With all the amazing independent books out there, Kirkman, Powell, Mignola I know the comic community knows what good writing is...yet people still shell out the money to Marvel for these X-* books for no good reason. X-Factor being the lone standout. X-Force was so good for the first 20 something issues, then Necrosha started and it fell flat on it's face.

So let me see if I'm reading this right...

"Avengers Prime" has Thor, Stark and Cap sucked into a time warp.

"The Avengers" has those same three at the same time going into a different time stream to go see their kids. Plus Spider-Man, Hawkeye and Wolverine as part of the Avengers team.

"New Avengers" has Iron Man, again along with Spider-Man, Hawkeye and Wolverine on the team along with Luke Cage as the leader.

Thunderbolts has Luke Cage working full time on The Raft and leading the Thunderbolts, moving through time streams to fight bad guys.

Same characters getting sucked into time warps at the same time in different areas along with the same characters on different teams all at the same time with the same team-mates.

Doesn't that bother anyone else?

In my opinion drop all of it and have:

Thunderbolts, but with someone else leading. I love Moon Knight and Juggernaught on that team.

Avengers Academy for training (and Christos Gage owns), Secret Avengers for black-ops and Avengers for, well, the Avengers.

There are so many characters to choose from, yet they're cramming the same characters into all different titles under different team names. It seems like there's three teams all called something different with the same people on it.

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