Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Activist Judge Acts Just In Time

6 days before some pretty important elections, a moonbat judge has struck out a section of Arizona law that makes one prove they're an American citizen before casting a vote.

So...all that work women and people of color did for the right to vote?  Sorry.  You were just in the wrong time.


  1. Back in the 80's, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who is the moonbat judge who struck down this law, was a moderate, believe it or not.

  2. The horrible shift to the left is astounding.

    But this is nothing but political maneuvering in order to keep those dependent upon the government to provide for them, as opposed to its true purpose, voting Democrat.

    It has nothing to do with openness and tolerance; it's modern day slavery.

    I mean, they actually say "Some poor people that don't have licenses want to vote". That's B.S. and it's to keep them subjugated and provided for off the backs of the working class.

    Oh, and to ensure the Unions get to retire happily...keep your eye on your 401k.


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