Saturday, October 30, 2010

Batman Movie Sequels And New Comic Titles

So the third installment of the Batman reboot has finally gotten a name: The Dark Knight Rises.

Also, there are two new books due out in 2011.  "Batman, Inc.". Written by Grant Morrison (responsible for the amazing All-Star Superman) and "Batman: The Dark Knight".

Apparently, "Batman Inc" plans to have a more science fiction slant to it, while "Batman: The Dark Knight" will concentrate on Bruce Wayne dealing with a more down to earth type theme, concentrated in Gotham.

The latter of the two seems to be more to my liking.  David Finch has been drawing Batman for years, there's an example right up there...and damnit, he's awesome.  This time, he'll be drawing and writing the series.

I usually don't buy DC books, not for any reason really...I just don't.  I'm all about The Avengers and tend to keep track of their goings-ons.

I do pick up an occasional DC book if it strikes me.  I read Blackest Night, until it spiraled completely out of fucking control and every single DC book had the words "Blackest Night" above the title, then had "Brightest Day"...then "Mildly Overcast Evening", "Cold With a 70% Chance of Rain Wednesday", "Wind Gusts Up To 40mph This Weekend" etc. 

The highlight of Blackest Night was the three issue "Blackest Night: Tales Of The Corps".  There were some inspiring stories in there, the utmost standout being the story of Saint Walker.  Even though Saint Walker's color was Blue, which stood for the power of "Hope", his story of faith stuck with me (I'm not even that much a person of faith) and it really stood out among the others.

I digress...tomorrow, I'll give you reasons why you need to read at least one of these titles.  And those reasons aren't what you might think.

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