Friday, October 15, 2010

Bret Favre's Penis - A Era Of Sports For The Whole Family

Bret Favre's penis, Justin Beiber, a raging provincial argument regarding the state of Tom Brady's hairstyle, crooked fucking zebras, steroids, ROFLsberger allegedly raping women in bathrooms, 7 year old Chinese girls in the Olympics, Randy Moss' beard, a grown man that calls himself "Pac-Man", people like Manny Ramirez purposely dropping balls and not swinging the bat, A-Fraud, Roger Clemens and Victor Conte and The Asterisk.

Those are a few of the reasons I love sports.

Forget competition, forget sportsmanship, mano y mano, The Gipper, "The band is out on the field, he's gonna go into the end zone!", Cassius Clay defeats Sonny Liston, "Do you believe in miracles?", Jesse Owens, The 1969 Jets, Lou Gehrig, Joe Lewis destroying Max Schmeling, Hank Aaron the true HR leader, Mary Lou Retton, September 21, 1970, Rocky Marciano retires undefeated, Doug Flutie's Miami Miracle.

However...I would trade it all for a single night with Jen Sterger.  A woman that looks like that will make any man do stupid things.  For example, unzipping your Wranglers and whipping it around while you take pictures of it with your cellie.  I don't have her phone number so I can't do I'll take all the corruption in sports today for a night with this woman.

If you haven't already done a GIS for Jen Sterger pics, here's a simply, randomly selected sampling of her wares...


That's as damn near close to perfection as it can get.  Girl next door meets complete fucking knockout. 

However she, nor will anyone dethrone Sofia Vergara as my wife approved "Free Pass".  If you don't have a spouse approved free pass, I suggest you have a discussion tonight.  You never know.

I apologize to any of my female readers out there...but I'm a man...and you are the most beautiful creatures God created.  And we're pigs.

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