Friday, October 29, 2010

I Live In Massachusetts And I'm Sorry

Woah, I love MA!
I know we suck.  I know we make it worse for the rest of you.  I know that one of us almost became president.

I am sorry.  Seriously.  I am.  I apologize that we are so stupid here, that Barney Frank may very well keep his job as opposed to Sean Bielat.

I'm sorry we made you deal with the scumbag Ted Kennedy for so long, but that reign is over now, thankfully, and someone halfway decent is in the seat now.

We simply have a state full of mental defects that are just happy to remain ignorant of what they do and the affect they have on the rest of the country.

In an interesting article over at they used actual math to find the most ego-maniacal Senator in the country.  The formula spit out the name John Kerry.

If you ever read the book "Unfit For Command" you may remember some amazing tales.  There were whispers in the book that his squad-mates joked about fragging him.  That he was a medal-hunter who was constantly going to his superiors and recommending himself for medals whenever he bumped his head, trip over a rock.

Simply put, John Kerry got the prestigious Purple Heart Medal when he injured himself throwing a flash-bang into a pile of rice.  Snopes and Wikipedia tell you all these things are untrue, but everywhere else says it's so.  I'm going to believe the people that were actually in-country with him before I believe Jimbo Wales and his liberal minions re-writing history over at Shitapedia.

None of what I read about "JFK" surprises me, I have lived here under his nose (lol) for years...and believe me: it's ten times as bad as you think it is.


  1. I'm a recovering Massachusettonian myself. Hated the politics, the morals, the taxes and the winters. Now I'm in sunny Florida, about to elect a guy - Marco Rubio - as Senator here, over a scumbag flip-flopper - Charlie Crist. Life is good...

  2. I see Komrade Klinton was down there, acting as the Democratic party's bully, to muscle out candidate Meek from the race.

  3. WHOA...scary! I just hopped on here to do some looky-looing for crap about Kerry as the DH and I were discussing it and he was relaying to me the book he reads while on reserve duty...(Unfit for Command)
    anyway, this led to discussing or rather slamming John Kerry and his marriage to the ketchup queen born with a bottle shoved up her hello!

    and looky here you blog about it?

    need I say we folks are like-minded and can pick up easily on propagandized buffalo chips?

    If you have to apologize for MA then must I apologize for OR? I still call them the land of fruits and nuts

  4. p.s in case you are interested look up some stuff about Barbara Mikkelson and David Mikkelson (they run

    and fact check is ran by or has ties to Obummer. Imagine that. I think even ayers &...for some reason Annenburg is floating around in my mass of cranial flatulence

  5. Yeah, I've always had my suspicions about that husband and wife team that run snopes.

    I think they're liberals, disguised as conservatives, disguised as liberals.


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