Friday, October 1, 2010

The Loving, Tolerant Left Hates You, And Anyone Else That Isn't A Lefty

One of the most striking things I've read is a post over at Right Wing News.  It's a short post, with a few pictures reminding people of the total "unhinged hatred" of the Left.

Remember how one of the favorite sayings back when Bush was in office was "Dissent IS Patriotism"?  That it was their civic duty to speak out against Bush?  How their "simple protests" were always covered in the media...stories about Bush visiting somewhere always had some little caveat of "Bush arrived to a throng of protesters..."

Please don't forget what these "protesters" were saying...

These were Americans.  That is patriotism?  

Meanwhile, the same media and black leaders that never showed you these pictures...never miss an opportunity to tell you how racist the Tea Party is because they "saw a T-shirt once". 


Which, of course, leads you to the obvious game being played by blacks and President Obama that any dissent about Obama is racism, not "patriotism" like it was before. 

These idiots simply say whatever they want.  The misinformed, lazy public has eaten it up for so long they still think the same game is still being played.  They just don't get it.

They won't get it come November, either.  They will seriously all sit around wondering what did they lose it so quickly?  How did Bush, who hasn't said a word since this idiot took office, ruin the amazing chance they had?


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  3. Wow...they are a disgusting breed of human...for sure.


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