Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Progressive Liberal Leader, Thinker Having Problems In NYC

Do you ever have a night where one too many Grey Gooses leaves you to wake up to that sinking feeling in your stomach that you might have done something inappropriate?  Like you told that parrot joke at the Christmas dinner table, or you tried to stand up, teetered a bit and knocked over a lamp...perhaps even something like in my case: you told your boss she had the biggest tits you've ever seen?

Leading liberal thinker, and one of the top political philosophers of The Left - who one time demanded face time with "President" Obama so that they can figure out a way to prosecute Bush & Cheney for being behind September 11, that the buildings came down in a controlled demolition Bush and company rehearsed their devious, murderous plots in order to have explanations for how the building collapsed.

So, this Liberal Leader, this pillar of truth and justice was at the Plaza hotel when a call was placed to the front desk.  The call was from a woman screaming, "Call the police!!  Call the police!!".  That woman was Denise Richards, Chuckie's ex-wife who was in the room right across the hall.

She was concerned because, while she was in the room sleeping with the children she bore with Charlie...he was in the other room and began a cocaine fueled rampage causing $7,000 worth of damage to the hotel room.  There was also a hooker in the room.

When police arrived on the scene, the hooker had locked herself in the bathroom (butt ass fucking naked of course, it's her right as a woman to go shirtless).  The police whisked her out of the room, terrified as other police tended to Sir Charles Sheen, Esquire.  He couldn't even button his own shirt, apparently.

What caused this outburst?  Other than the massive amounts of booze, cocaine and god knows what else these idiot junkies out in Hollywood do on a Monday night, you ask?  Charlie accused the hooker (remember, his kids are asleep in the room across the hall) of stealing his wallet and his cellie.  So, he decided to destroy the room.  I'm sure he has an htc Incredible, so I kinda understand the cellie part.

Other than the obvious reasons stated above, it's easy to understand why liberals love this guy.  He isn't afraid to stand up to the government and demand the truth, he is of the highest(hehe see what I did there?) moral character, is a stalwart family values defender, refuses to take no for an answer and he is beholden to no one...not even his kids.  He embodies everything liberals are.  What better role model is there to stand as a beacon light to the liberal message of sending America in the right direction - after all the damage Bush has done?

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, if facing your boss after telling her she has the biggest tits you've ever seen is an 8, what number is Charlie feeling today?

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