Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teh Google Scares Me

Firstly, I don't really understand the intricate laws that surround privacy on the internet, international law, laws regarding uploaded content and who then "owns" it, i.e. the publisher/hoster: Youtube, Google etc or the uploader.

But I do think I know right from wrong.  I also know that where there's smoke, there's fire.  Google has been giving me the creeps for a while now.

I won't use their "browser", Chrome, as I feel it's nothing but piece of software for data mining purposes.  Of course it's going to be "fast", but it is my opinion that all it does is gather all your data and give it to Teh Googleheads - if that opinion is completely wrong, uninformed and incorrect than so be it.  I will stand corrected.

Seriously...look how scared I am of them.  I had to qualify everything right there.


Google seems to be the teflon website.  They come through anything and everything unscathed.  So established in our geeky nomenclature, the word "Google" has actually become a genericized trademark.  JFGI if you don't believe me.

So, some idiot kids uploaded a video of themselves beating on another kid that has Down's Syndrome.  Google hosted it and got sued.  The law currently states that ISPs can't be held responsible for stuff on the net, but content providers (Google, Yahoo, Youtube) can.  Obviously, Google has been trying to become an ISP for a long time. 

So Google fought this, and waxed poetically about dangerous it is to hold companies like Google responsible for publishing garbage like that.  The quote from Google that I found sickeningly hypocritical was the one made by  VP and Deputy General Counsel of Google, Matt Sucherman:
"...we are deeply troubled by this conviction for another equally important reason. It attacks the very principles of freedom on which the Internet is built."
Google + China?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

Of course, once word got out that Google was getting paid to help governments censor the information their citizens were allowed to access, Google did a quick 180. 

But try looking for a straight answer on what Google is doing, still today, in China...and it's a long and arduous task.  As opposed to hard answers, there's just a lot of white noise...and it's obvious who owns the white noise machine.

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