Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Thread Of Openness

Americans, our technology, our equipment and our NASA employees rescued those Chilean miners.  However, you will not see that mentioned in any article about that tidbit except here.  Seriously, if it wasn't for America the rest of the world's population (with the exception of maybe Ireland and the UK...maybe Wales too you don't hear much about Wales.  I'd like to live in Wales.  Sometimes I imagine myself as a Welshman, living in a small village, talking to the village mechanic before walking down to the market and buying some bread and cheese and milk.  I'd then stop and speak with the village pastor for a while, see what he's up to.  Then maybe climb a hill and sit, and watch the grass grow because I'm in no rush...I'm Welsh - and so was Braveheart [right].  So I would sit and watch the grass grow knowing what a proud history my country has of fighting off the stupid British.  I'm Welsh, and proud.  I love being a Welshman.) would revert back to a constant state of those last few scenes after the monkey touched the monolith.

I'm French-Canadian and Irish, by the way. YAWN.

Anyway, on with it:

The Sundries Shack says it best. Damn us and our capitalism.

Betsy's Page: Continuing to ignore the main issue tells us about more smoke and mirrors from the Democrats. The only thing the Dems have left, now, is the Jedi mind trick.

Dems: "These aren't the problems you're worried about"
Uninformed people that vote: "These aren't the problems we're worried about"

Pundit and Pundette show us how the Dems are triaging their own while drowning in their own sickening, filthy desperation.

The Big Feed has found Obama's theme song.

The Right Perspective introduces us to that idiot that threw his book "HOW TO BECOME WISE", really the book has all caps on it's cover, that the MSM is ignoring...because he is an open, loving, tolerant Obamazombie and not a racist, gun-toting, schizophrenic Tea Party member. Oh wait.

A Blog For All shows the hypocritical nature of environmentalists and the "Not In My Backyard" mentality of liberal elitists.

Interested-Participant has a nice, local write up about some lilly livered small town politicians kowtowing to political correctness and the slow crawl of anti-Christianity into American society.

Nice Deb brings us all back down to Earth for a moment, stops us from frothing at the mouth and asks us to remember someone pretty damn special.

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