Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Barney Frank Needs To Lose His Job

Barney Frank, the Esteemed Gentleman Caller Congressman From Massachusetts, is running again for re-election.

It is a testimony to the complete idiocy of MA residents that this man still has a job.  It's also a testimony to how creating the single most gerrymandered district in the country can keep a crook in office.  Look it up, it's a fact. Massachusetts' 4th congressional district has been used and abused more than Jenna Jameson.

So, my list...
  1. We'll start with the easy one.  "Everyone deserves a house".
  2. His utter contempt for his constituency.
  3. His arrogance.  His arrogance.  His arrogance. His arrogance.
  4. Herb Moses.  Barney Frank's boyfriend.  For those that don't know Barney Frank, he's the first openly gay Congressman in history.  Herb Moses was a big-wig at Fannie Mae.  Barney Frank gave Fannie May $200 million of tax payer money...which led to the housing crisis...which turned into the financial mess we're currently in. (Of course, those are way too many steps for Democrats to take.  That's too much thinking.  It's easier to say "Bush left a huge mess".)
  5. One United Bank.  $12 million of taxpayer TARP money bailed out the failing One United Bank because Barney said, "We need more minority owned banks".  One United couldn't make good on any of their payments, of course - and then simply failed.  But Barney likes black guys so I had to pay for it.
Those are just the big 5, major points I think this guy needs to get tossed on his ass.

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