Monday, November 1, 2010

Do You Honestly Think This Is the "Right Direction"?

One arm of this administration, the Judicial Branch, is doing its best to ensure more D's get votes.

Another arm, grown from who knows where, is doing its best to make sure those that are fighting for our Republic and the precious right to vote...DON'T get to vote.  Because it's pretty clear who everyone in the military would vote for...except, you know...Mulism extremist fundamentalist terrorists.  Oh wait, he's not a terrorist, he just "didn't want to get deployed". 

Pay no attention to the Obama behind the curtain, he's busy keeping the country safe from terrorist attacks.  So busy, in fact, that only minute, non-terroristy things like this have happened under his awesome, hope-filled two years.  I mean, the guy can't stop everything.  Bush probably hired Hasan when he was leaving office, to setup Barry to look bad...yeah!

Oh, and the unbiased MSM (only FOX News is biased, and can't be trusted) is even more moist today than it was Friday as they, yet again, attempt to fabricate and create stories against Conservative politicians.

Even with all the help, Obama's band of idiots will be very, very unemployed tomorrow.


  1. Being disconnected from mainstream television has been great. Plus we save major bucks now.

    I can imagine there are great number out there who think W did contract or hire Nadal.

    It is sad that for some it's easier to believe far fetched conspiracies and foil hat societies than to believe that Islam is a violent man made religion designed to denigrate women and exonerate insane Allah loving men.

  2. It's been a plan of mine for a while now to use my old(er) computer as a simple media server. Use hulu combined with Netflix to get our TV fix.

    It's just a matter of time, I suppose.

  3. Paul: I love Rather in the sombrero and cheesy mustache! That's worth the price of admission right there!


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