Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Excuse Me, Mr. President. Are You Out Of Your Fucking Mind?

Can this happen?

Part of me knows it can't.  Seeing how badly the Dems got their asses kicked a few weeks ago I don't see any of them touching this with a ten foot teleprompter.  And there's no way they can push this onto Hussein's desk in the two months before Republicans make their way into The House.

The other part of me looks at Social Security and how it's been completely drained to pay for crap like phony Union disability pensions.

For example, as I sit here at work, my father-in-law who was a Union lifer is sitting in my living room watching my television while he babysits my newborn.  He retired due to a "work related injury" about 15 years ago.  Once I race home in rush hour traffic, he'll go home to his McMansion and watch some more TV.

I'd give you three guesses as to for whom he voted - but you already know.

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