Monday, November 8, 2010

I Am So Tired And Busy I Can't Even Post This

I'm absolutely swamped.  Here at work and home.

For example, this Saturday I turned on my XBox to finally play some Bioshock 2.  It told me there was an update available and that I had insufficient room available to update it.

I own the "Arcade" version of the XBox so it has no internal storage space.  So I headed over to Gamestop and asked about buying one of Microsoft's proprietary memory sticks...because god forbid MS allows people to use a standard USB stick for memory.

When I get there, they guy tells me all I need is a standard USB stick now.  Cool, wasted trip...but no wasted money.

So I get home and toss an 8GB stick in there and XBox does it's updatey thing.  Then, it tells me that my Gold membership is about to expire on the 17th.  Apparently I haven't used this thing in nearly a year.  It makes sense...9 months of pregnancy, buying a house and then 2 months of caring for a newborn.

So I plopped out $9.99 for an extra month of Gold membership and then XBox needed another update.

This update was taking a bit of time and I somehow fell asleep waiting for it.  I was woken up by my wife telling me I needed to go to Home Depot and pick up some filters for our central air.

So I go downstairs to see the size I needed.  I pull the filter out and on the side is printed 16x25x1.  Easy enough.

So I get back in the car and head over to Home Depot, purchase four 16x25x1 air filters.  Standard practice is to replace them every 30 days during the winter months.  I get home, go downstairs and go to replace the filter only to realize it's the wrong size.

The previous home owner had bought a 16x25x1 filter and cut it down to size to make it fit.  I head back in the car and wait in the returns and exchanges line to return these and buy some proper ones.

Obviously Home Depot didn't have my oddball size: 12.5x20.75x1.  So they tell me, a few towns over is a mom and pop shop that they usually send people that need oddball sized filters.

20 minutes later I arrive at the mom and pop HVAC shop to find it closed for "Happy Birthday Jenn!!!".

Back in the car and back to Home Depot.  I purchase a 12x20x1.

Back home and I just put the fucking thing in (that's what she said) and said to myself, "Self, fuck it...pick up the right size later this week".  Probably endangering the respiratory systems of my family in the meantime.

I went back upstairs and sat in my recliner and turned on my Xbox to watch some Netflix...about 10 minutes into a documentary about prison life I fell asleep again.  I was awoken about 20 minutes later, as it had suddenly become 7pm...and it was time to put my son to sleep.


  1. Just know that in the future, since you have a son, you can take all of that frustration out on him. That is about the only thing that I found that my kid was good for. You are only about seven years away. Have patience.

  2. I can't count how many days like that I have had...only add 6 kids to the mix..5 boys and a girl...all looking at their mother like she has flipped her lid...foraging for air filters...good times...good times indeed


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