Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Am Still Locked In This Godforsaken House

Yes, that's right.  It does.
So, nationally I'm pretty happy.

Locally, it can't be anymore pathetic.  It truly can't be.

How much damage does someone have to do in order to be held accountable in MA?  How can someone as classy as Sean Bielat not win against Barney The Clown?

Voting no on question 3 simply meant my fellow Komrades lack the understanding of what taxes means...or they actually believe crap like "We'll lose all our police, fire trucks and teachers".

Either way......uninformed voters just handed me another 4 years of nearly nothing.

I mean, did Barney Frank not destroy the housing market enough for them to hold him accountable? If he had literally walked around burning houses to the ground would people have understood what he did to this country?

So discouraging...guaranteed he runs unopposed next time. People will just say, "The MA electorate want this kind of stuff, they don't understand screw 'em".

Sadly, people like myself that don't allow ourselves to become beholden to Union thugs, are left footing the bill while the rest of the people eat, then run home to watch Judge Judy.

I ain't nearly done...


  1. Paul that tax question, that was on the ballot just four years ago, too, should prove to you that there are no intelligent people living in Dumbassachusetts. FLEE!!! Run away!!!

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  3. I ran from MA 6 years ago. Could no longer take the politics, the morals, the taxes, or the winters. So today, instead of wondering exactly what dimension I was living in, I got to celebrate the election of Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Pam Bondi, Allan West, Daniel Webster and a whole slew of others! The ballot questions didn't all go my way, which is pretty hard to understand given the wave of conservatism that swept through Florida, but all-in-all it was a good night for people with my ideology. Barney Fife must go! You guys need to keep close tabs on him from today forward and build a solid case against his re-election. I would contact Bielat and ask him to please consider running again in two years, and I would work closely with him to do whatever was necessary to unseat Barney. If that means following him around 24/7 for the next two years, so be it. Gotta get him out. Same with Kerry - those guys have largely destroyed Massachusetts AND the country. Massachusetts voters need to start looking in the mirror and saying "gee, maybe it's me. Maybe the rest of the country DOES know what their doing. Maybe I'm the one who's wrong." Sadly, there doesn't appear to be any mirrors in that state!

  4. You've both nailed it.

    While the rest of you are celebrating sanity, logical reasoning, accountability of your representatives and economic responsibility...I am sitting here wondering why we are so detached from reality.


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