Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Want To Play

I hope I can play today.

For years, as a Полноправным членом Народная Республика Массачусетс, I have been that little boy living with a weird, grumpy old lady that would steal your ball if it went into our yard while you were playing.  I was never allowed to go outside and play.

One time, when she was highly medicated and dozing off in front of Judge Judy (she doesn't have a job), I went outside and joined your game of kickball.  There was a kid on second base and I kicked the ball pretty goodThat kid scored and I was happy.

Like I said: for years I was never allowed to play.  I want to play now.  I want to be a part of this.  After I kicked that ball, some of you befriended me, you realized that it wasn't me...it was the kook I lived with that was ruining it for everyone else.

That lady I live with truly believes that Barney Frank was not responsible for the collapse of the housing market.  She's also never heard of One United Bank.  She thinks Deval Patrick is handsome and is thus deserving of a governorship, even after creating the worst environment this state has ever seen...and that's hard to do - it's MA for crying out loud.  In any other universe, Barney Frank would be accountable for his actions and wouldn't even be running.

These are our questions today and how she will vote:
  1. Do you want to remove the double tax on alcohol?
    She will vote: NO.  As you can see, it is being taxed twice: an excise tax and the sales tax (more on the sales tax later).  She will vote nay because she doesn't understand the question and mostly because she saw a yard sign that said "No on #1" and that same house also had a Deval Patrick sign.
  2. Do you want to stop funding "affordable housing"?
    She will vote: NO.  She really doesn't understand this one.  But someone, somewhere said something about this will affect poor people.  And she feels badly for poor people.
  3. Would you like to have more money in your pocket?
    She will vote: NO.  Because if we do that the state will "have to make cuts".  Those cuts won't come in the form of better economical spending.  They won't come by cutting phony baloney jobs gotten via nepotism.  They will come by having to fire "police, firemen and teachers".  They might even have to close some libraries. 
I mean, money is literally being dangled in front of us.  MONEY THAT WAS OURS TO BEGIN WITH!!!  But my simple minded Komrades won't take it...they are perfect prey for the politics of fear. This will make two years in a row we could have given ourselves a raise but failed to do so, because the fuckwitardiots at our state capital know their electorate very, very well.

One third of their electorate is completely dependent upon them for everything, another third only votes D (no.matter.what) and is easily misled...leaving the other third peering out the window wishing it could play with the other kids, silently sorry that the old lady is ruining it for everyone else.

Bottom line is:  Deval needs to go, Barney Frank needs to go.

I hope I can play today.

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