Saturday, November 13, 2010

Listen Up

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  1. I have never been a comic book fan, and never collected the action figures, but every danged time you post one of these, I wind up reading about all the danged comics. I'm going to buy a couple of these for the boy that lives with me. I just gotta figure out which ones have the best moral story to tell.

  2. Well.

    Beta Ray Bill is a great story. If you're familiar with Thor, it's stated that only he was powerful enough to lift the hammer, Mjolnir.

    Walt Simonson asked "What if someone else was able to lift the hammer? Who would that person, or being, be?"

    Beta Ray Bill was the answer and he's a really, really cool character.

  3. Of course, my absolute idol growing up: Superman.

    The true Boy Scout of superheros. The first two movies made by Richard Donner remain to this day among the greatest comic book movies ever.

    The lessons are obvious. Be true to your family and country. Be resolute in your ideals and never forget where you come from.

    In Superman's case - he never forgets his "alien" origins, yet considers Ma and Pa Kent his true parents.

    Even if you're not a comic fan there's a book called "A Superman For All Seasons" that has 4 different stories, all tied together in the end. Each story's theme deals with Spring (birth), Summer (life), Autumn (remembrance) and Winter (death).

    It's touching a story as one can find and is the crown jewel of my collection.


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