Monday, November 29, 2010

Michelle Obama Has Never Been Prouder, I've Never Been More Embarassed

Since pulling off the biggest hoax in American history, Barack Hussein Obama has made me embarrassed to be an American.  If you want to fault me for that, so be it.

However I've watched him come from a background of racism and hatred to the highest office in the land from where he actively undermines the ideals of the United States.

He bows, he's arrogant, he kisses the feet of our enemies like a man begging for his life, he apologizes for us when we neither want nor need him to apologize for us and he has done as much damage to a country as one can possibly do...all while being it's "leader", not an "enemy" - though I posit this man in fact is an enemy of this country.

Under his watch he's created such a divisive atmosphere, completely disobeyed the will of the people and has done nothing but more of the same old politics...and weakened us in the process.

As he plays basketball with his pals (probably a bunch of Black Panthers given government positions after doing such a good job at voter intimidation):
  • Krazy Korea is killing innocents
  • He sends our delegates to be reprimanded by the likes of Iran, Syria and Krazy Korea.
  • Wikileaks is determinedly carrying out brazen domestic espionage
  • Spitting on democracy by pooh-poohing the Tea Party
  • Promoting racism by rigging the judicial system
  • Receiving an irrelevant, "nobel peace prize" for being black
  • Allowing Iran to ramp up to complete and utter nuclear warfare
  • Countless acts of terrorism and exculpating them as "isolated incidents"
  • The complete invasion of the private sector...where he would be a complete failure were he forced to work in it
  • Forcing those opposed to it to fund abortion through their federal income tax
  • By simply being a lefty, his tone of appeasement and lack of worldwide respect he has zero understanding of the situation in Krazy Korea.
That's just what I was able to come up with in a few seconds.  If I were to sit and examine everything I wouldn't be able to get a thing done other than list all his failures.  I have no writing ability.

Someone that does is doing just that, and doing it wonderfully.

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