Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What's surprising to me is that 30% of the people thought this was OK.

So, let me just make sure I have this right:

In this country, we come under fire for putting The Ten Commandments outside our City Halls.  We can't fly American flags in public buildings for fear of offending people.  But we should practice some other sovereign nation's laws in our courts of law?  And you want to tell me that "they" aren't trying to take over this country?


It's the little wins, like this, that bring a country down from within.  It's the Cordoba Houses, it's a "president" apologetic for who and what we are, a "president" sorry about the things for which we stand, it's the screening of 75 year old married couples flying down to Florida to retire after a long, productive working life instead of the Mulslim in full on holy garb or whatever the fuck they have to call it.

It's kow-towing to political correctness and being afraid of the consequences of something like this:

The liberals would have you believe that these are but all isolated incidents.  They couldn't be more wrong.  It's a systematic take over from within.

You see so much of the activity going on right now because there's a fat-faced sucker in the White House.  They don't care if he bows to them...in fact the love it.  They laugh at him, tell him how wonderful he is and make their moves.

And by simple contrast, with Bush 43 appearing lately...I wonder how we went so wrong.  I mean, the simple answer is obvious...Obama and his anti-American mentality.  The deeper answer is that people were led so far astray because of a flashy smile and desperation for what they thought was wrong with the country.  Little did they know how wrong they were.

Democracy is beautiful - but uninformed voters, corrupt federal agencies (SEIU, ACORN), the Unions and special interest groups have divided this country...at such a rate of speed I really can't believe it.

Obviously, this ideology is being slowly but surely refuted across the nation.  I can only hope that the ship rights itself, and but soon.

Also, if you had any plans on buying and reading Bush's book.  Why not buy it by clicking through here.  Maybe I'll get 25 cents or something.

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