Monday, November 22, 2010

Paul Loves This

There are things which I like.

Things I really like.

Things that are things that are completely awesome.

Things I for which I would kill.

And of course things for which I can only dream

Then, there are things I find - completely by surprise - that were right under my nose the whole time.

Autumn Resser plays a geeky little goody-goody scientist on the fluffy show "No Ordinary Family.  I watch it when I can, but had no idea what was under that lab coat.

By the way, Animals is the best Floyd album...there is no debate.  However, Atom Heart Mother is the finer of the following representations...


  1. Typical racist, and sexist hilbilly, RepubliCANT moron. You probably watch Nascar just for the crashes cheering when the cars burn.

    Woah, boobs and people getting hurt at football. Your so fucking amazing.


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