Friday, November 19, 2010

Super Happy Fun Time!! (For CEOs Only)

I realize that these are dangerous times, what one writes on the World Wide Web can come back to bite many ways.  But especially if one is writing something critical of their company.  Hopefully I've done a decent enough job to keep my complete identity a "secret".

The company for which I work announced yesterday that we were purchased by a bigger, better company.

The company that bought us doesn't have "an East Coast presence".  Translates into "this building will not have an employee presence".  That's my paranoia...of course the company line is "Things are fine, this is just like when we bought that other company".

The difference I see is that...uhm...we bought the other company, this time we're being bought.  I saw what happened to the employees of the company we bought.

We recently had a very good quarter.  Everyone got raises.  I got a 3% raise.

The interesting thing about this is that the CEOs of this company recently met with the board and had received raises as well. 

The President got his salary doubled.  Did you see that word?  Doubled.  His base salary moved from the 7 figure realm into the 8 figure realm.  BASE SALARY.  That's not counting bonuses, restricted stock options, "all other compensation" and non-equity incentive plan compensation.

Let that sink in.

I refuse to begrudge a man for being successful.  I will fault a man seeing the writing on the wall, pulling the cord on that golden parachute and leaving everyone else with the peckers in the breeze.

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