Sunday, December 12, 2010

America: The Story Of Us

The History Channel yesterday had a day long run of the excellent "America: The Story Of Us".

From the American Revolution to Lewis and Clark to The Civil War to the Industrial Revolution to The Statue Of Liberty to the Islamic terrorism attacks on the World Trade Center.  I love history, particularly WWII stuff...and this series was astounding in it's take.  I didn't find much bias, rewriting of history or any of that stuff, and it wasn't loaded with flag-waving either.  It was a paraphrasing of most realistic historic accounts.  With input from experts like Newt Gingrich to TV-magazine celebrities like Brian Williams.

Newt gave some great analysis of Washington and what he brought to a war, Brian Williams told us that Minie Balls hurt people.  If you haven't read the Washington biography entitled "His Excellency" I seriously can't recommend it enough.  There is more to this man that what you think.  Paraphrasing, "General Washington, the man who 'cannot tell a lie' was brought to the fights leading up to Battle Forge for nothing more than his amazing ability of deception".

The show left me feeling as if this country can survive anything.  Sacrifice was the theme I gleaned from the series.  The sacrifices made on the wagon trails, in the mills, on space shuttle pads, in downtown Manhattan weren't for naught.  I doubt this generation, or my generation, truly understand what that means: to sacrifice.  These are generations of entitlement, of me-firsts, who foster sympathy and understanding for Muslim terrorists and want us to be weak and tolerant.  Who, in their hopes of destroying this country attack it from within will lose, this I know.

They have always lost.  And the corruption of liberal ideology will lose again.  No matter how high they place their operatives...this country will pound them down.  It always has, it always will.  Do not mistake my confidence as thinking this will be easy, this is by far the most exposed and weakened our actual core has been.  Barack Obama, an actual enemy of the country has been elected president...and he will continue to do his best to put America in positions to fail

But it won't, we won't

It never has, we never have.

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