Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brett Favre Fined - A Tribute

In honor of Brett Favre getting fined, I decided to repost the Jenn Sterger Playboy pics post from a few days ago.

Bad form?  Yes, on my part.

On her part, nearly perfect form.

She's hot, and Favre won't even notice the 50k deduction in his paycheck tomorrow - but she's no Sofia Vergara.

And in what might be considered one of the most amazing things ever, two women on the same show are in my current top three.

Sofia Vergara is and always will be #1.  But, and I'm a total perv for this but Sarah Hyland has made the list.

I'm sure she's very, very proud that she's on my top three list.

Yes, I'm nearly twice her age...but she is 21, so that's OK right?  RIGHT?

Anyway, on with the nude.

And I stumbled upon this candid cleavage pic of some Michigan State Fan whose breasts might rival those of Jenn Sturger's breasts...but the photographer doesn't seem to think her face measures up:

By the way, there's something about candid pics like that.  Not this one in particular, as the girl is obviously proud to be showing off her large tracts of land.  GIS "candid" and you'll know what I mean.  The girl next door type...awesome.

So uhm, Merry Christmas and I'm going to hell because of this, I hope you're happy...asshole.


  1. The fifth picture down is NOT Jenn Sturger. It is Ali Landry.

  2. For Toronto, in terms of 8s-10s, she'd be about an 8.5...much hotter girls in TO on a consistent basis...honestly, I'd give her a few looks, but she's nothing special outside of the media..


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