Monday, December 13, 2010

Can Brady's Numbers Ever Match Manning's?

I've already shown you they can and are.

There's no doubt that Manning put up some nice stats during a career with some HOF receivers constantly at his side.  He's a "field general" (I hate using military metaphors for sports but that's the term for what Manning does) as he's in his own world when he's calling plays at the line.

Some folks want to say that without Belichick Brady vs Manning wouldn't even be worth arguing...that it's all coach...odd...but OK, let's go with that. 

What's Manning done since Father Dungy left?



What's Brady done in that time?


Big difference Colts fans.

Get with the program, come back to Earth.

Manning vs Brady is over.  It's Montana vs Brady now.

As Brady prepares for ring #4, Manning prepares for life after 4 consecutive games with multiple interceptions.  He's a goose well cooked stuck with a very nice fork.


  1. Patriots HOMER.

    I was the only person on Earth that wagered money on the Pats against the Bears. Lost my ass, I did.

  2. My friend and I usually text each other our picks before each game and I picked the Bears.

    The Pats usually stomp teams the second time around - so this game kind of scared me.

    Plus I didn't think they would really keep up the pace from the last 3-5 games.

    Did you see that stat...Brady and his defense have scored something like 150 points to 3 since Thanksgiving?

    Seriously...this is some historic quarterbacking going on.


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