Monday, December 20, 2010

George Bush Enacts Earthquake Machine

Hopefully killing thousands of Muslim and Islamic terrorists, George W. Bush pushed the cool orange button on his "Earthquake machine"

If there was one single thing I would be able to own, it would be the Earthquake Machine Bush somehow managed to create/steal/conjure with Black Magic.

Political blogging isn't an exact science like HAARP or The Earthquake Machine, but it sure is fun.

I get to sit back, enjoy my freedoms because of men and women like James Ayube II, while brave men and women like Hugo Chavez take on evil masterminds like George Bush head on whenever something happens.

Here's what gets me the most...imagine how stupid the poor citizens of Hugo's "country" must be that he even imagines being able to pull something like that off!  Imagine how much information he controls if he thinks, even for one single moment, that saying something so ridiculously whacky won't raise any eyebrows - and that there will be certain people under his rule that will believe him.

Imagine the misinformation these people actually pass to each other around the water coolers every day!

They have water coolers in countries like Venezuela. Iraq, Iran, Syria and Cuba right?

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