Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ines Sainz Has A Foot Fetish For Sexy Rexy Ryan

Before getting to the Inez Sainz Rex Ryan Foot Fetish (lol) (which doesn't exist, I made it up to get your attention) I feel a need to say that you know you're getting old when guys you watched play when you were a kid, are now head coaches.

Or worse, when they have kids that are now playing in the NFL.

Mosi was one hell of a guy...NFL players that came from the 60s and 70s usually were.  The brand of athlete we have today is just that...a brand.  They're walking, talking commercials.  With the rare exception to the given rule (read this article about that last guy, and learn what real giving means), the majority of this era's NFL players are bigoted, racist, idiotic, loudmouthed, entitled, selfish, spoiled brats that have never been told "No" in their entire lives.

I remember watching Super Bowl 20 (this ain't Rome) when I was s3fd*$ifniu years old and I bet my dad $0.50 that the "Red Team" would win.  My father, looking at me like he had birthed a mutant with no hope for a better future, accepted said bet and watched the Super Bowl, while I asked him all sorts of questions about God knows what.  I never paid that $0.50.  Yet through my teenage years I must have borrowed thousands and crashed at least 2 cars.  Maybe I'll mail it to him.

I really don't know what the point of this post is...

Oh yeah, this:


  1. I bet she cannot make a decent sammich to save her life.

  2. Sofia Vergara can.

    Sofia Vergara loves me. I know this because she sends me secret signals on her show.


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