Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jenn Sterger Playboy

Female readers, I apologize...please skip this post.

A warm hearth, cocoa, presents, 24 hours of the greatest Christmas movie ever and I am sitting thinking about Jen Sturger nude for some reason.

See if you can follow along.

My son got a Boston Bruins dinner set.  A little bowl & plate, some utensils, a few bottles, a bib and a place-mat with a picture of Zdeno Chara.


The greatest hockey movie ever?  Easy, Slapshot.  Melinda Dillon was in Slapshot and showed us all her MILF boobs.  Hot.

Hockey is a sport.  Football is a sport.

Jen Sturger recently made sports news for 2 reasons:
  1. She's hot as all hell
  2. Brett Favre sent her pictures of her penis
So, in all actuality that's 5 reasons.  Bonus points is you can guess the other three reasons.

To celebrate the Christmas spirit of a pervert like myself here's a few awesome Jen Sturger pics...

And I stumbled upon this candid cleavage pic of some Michigan State Fan whose breasts might rival those of Jenn Sturger's breasts...but the photographer doesn't seem to think her face measures up:

By the way, there's something about candid pics like that.  Not this one in particular, as the girl is obviously proud to be showing off her large tracts of land.  GIS "candid" and you'll know what I mean.  The girl next door type...awesome.

So uhm, Merry Christmas and I'm going to hell because of this, I hope you're happy...asshole.

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