Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama Doing Wonders Repairing International Diplomacy

If anything good has come out of this Wikileaks disaster, it's the fact that Obama is being shown as the lying, hypocritical political midget that he is.

Campaigning, he told all his idiot voters that he would repair our image in the world.  I don't think calling superpower leaders like Putin and Medvedev "Batman and Robin", throwing Yemen under the bus, sending Komrade Klinton out to the UN to spy on our allies and being a general arugula eating elitist.

American should be ashamed at what we have elected.  He has destroyed this country's image and doesn't even care.  His hubris and arrogance knows no bounds.  He needs to crawl out from under the Oval Office desk and do something about this...but he should have done it three weeks ago.  He's just sitting back and watching.  He's sitting back and watching because he hasn't the foggiest idea as to what he should do about it.

Instead, he's back here extending the Bush tax cuts hoping this:

is just a bad dream.

But it isn't, Obama.  This is reality.  You wanted this office, you were gonna save us all.
You can't even save yourself ya worthless little cretin.

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