Friday, December 3, 2010

Shadowland Is Now Over

Shadowland, the mini-crossover event (or whatever they need to call it to justify selling more comics) has come to an end this week.  Massive crossovers like Siege sent me throttling across Teh Google searching for Siege Reading Orders, Siege checklists and whatever else to guide me through their mess.  The best of which happened to be the Dark Avengers and The Initiative books.

I've raved so many times about Christos Gage it's not even funny anymore.  It's crossing into stalking territory.  I hope he's reading this, and wondering how he can get me a job working IT at Marvel or something because of all the recognition I've brought him.  He'd be nothing without me and this blog.  Nothing.  Gage's run through The Initiative up to and including Siege was nothing less than was the standout title in my opinion...just as Avengers Academy is the standout amongst the million new Avengers books right now.

Once I finish Shadowland #5 and Daredevil #512 a Shadowland Review will follow. I plan to sit down any moment now and give them a read.  The Shadowland Reading Order isn't nearly as complicated as the others were, which is just the way I like it.

I, personally, like what they did here.  It was all the street-level guys - none of the whiny mutant X-Men (Marvel's metaphor for liberal causes) - and it was going really, really well.  I've been a Daredevil fan for a long time...I've got a complete collection of both volumes (minus about the first 80 issues, ya know...the one's worth the real money)...well, before Obama The Fraud moved in like Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Oh...anyway...yeah, street level guys.  Moon Knight, Taskmaster (and if you didn't read the 4 issue mini about Taskmaster - you.missed.out. - it was incredible), Iron Fist, Luke Cage (not a fan)  and other guys...basically everyone they forgot about during Dark Reign and Siege.  Which were just metaphors for how much Joe Q. hates Dubya.

Joe Dushbag
I mean, nearly every month there's a new comic book movie coming out.  I know Stan Lee is makin' loot, but unfortunately so is Joe Q. so he's a Hollywood suckup and he's gotta use those same anti-American, anti-Bush themes so prevalent in movies if he wants Hollywood to run his crap on the big screen.

It's no coincidence that Dark Reign and Siege all ended right around the time of Obama's fraudulent election...and once he won all the books had the words "The Heroic Age" on top of them.  Of course, this was meant to mean the good guys won the war in the books - but it's also a nod to the "Dark Reign" of Bush being over...and a new Heroic Messiah moving in.  Too bad he sucks and has buried this country in a 12 foot grave.

I like calling people "dushbags" instead of "douchebags".  It sounds funnier.  Kinda like "who-ahh" sounds better than "whore".  I learned that watching Goodfellas I think.

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