Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shadowland Review

So Shadowland ends.

I didn't see this result coming until about half-way through.  I figured Daredevil was possessed by some crazy ass ninja shit and knew he'd end up "taking a break".  What I didn't see was this:

Black Panther. wowyawn.
Why Black Panther, I don't know.  He's never done much for me, I never cared about his character or his marriage to Storm, I really only know about it because they shoved it down our throats by working it into every Marvel title on the shelves when it happened.  "Hey look everyone, we have African-Americans/Blacks/Africans in our comics!  We have tokenism diversity!"  I never gave a shat about Wakanda or Wakadan culture or the song Waka Waka from Shakira.  I did like seeing Halle Berry in the movies though.

Anyway, this arc was all about the "forgotten" heroes after "Civil War" (Bush is bad), "Dark Reign" (Bush is Evil), "Siege" (Bush is going down man!) and the current "Heroic Age" (Yay, Obama is awesome put him all over covers!!!)...so there's a bit of similarity there, knomsayin?

Anyway, Shadowland had all my favs: Daredevil, Moonknight, Punisher, Iron Fist, Bullseye etc. Man, they're gonna put all these awesome street level guys some much needed attention!  I cannot wait, said I. 

I was given Black Panther.

Anyway, here's Lucy Pinder taking care of her Lucy Pinder breasts for your enjoyment.  Isn't she nice?


  1. Are you going to put up the actual reading order for Shadowland. I have collected all the issues, just hoping for a bit of your advice the best order to read them in to get the best of story. No early reveals by reading things in the wrong order.

    Widdow UK

  2. Yep, this is what I put together...



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