Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things I've Been Able To Laugh At These Past Few Days

LOL - Yankees fail to land Cliff Lee.

LOL - Jets coach trips player, aka, Thighgate. You heard "Thighgate" here first. UD will have it soon.

LOL - Obama having Clinton be President for him, because Obama still hasn't figured out what he's doing.  It's like when I was trying to teach my wife how to drive standard.  After a while, and hearing what was being done to my transmission, I just told her, "All done, lesson over".

ROFL!!!!11 - The iPhone 4.  Just...stop.  No one is buying these.  At least no one that knows what a real phone can do in today's world is.

LOLOROFL!!!!!111eleventeen - Obama, like any sue-happy liberal idiot using the courts to try and get his way down there in Virginia.  I hope he tries to sue all 57 states.  I mean, what's it take for that last 27 or so percent of people that "Strongly Approve" of Barack Hussein Obama al-Kenya to simply "Approve"?  Wait a minute, that's a stupid question...those people hate America just as much as he does.



  1. Gotta comment on the Droid. Best phone OS EVAR.

    iPhones are Teh Suck.

  2. Typical racist slimeball dickhead!

  3. Ahh, the mating call of a liberal:



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