Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why Liberals Are Idiots, Part MMMDCCCLXXXVIII

There's nothing more I love than FREE MONEY.  You love it, I love, she loves it, we love it.  It's FREE MONEY!  You love it more than your wife and chillens, and you know it.  You need to buy stuff for those wives and chillens for MERRY CHRISTMAS, so do such by clicking through my Amazon picture things, and help me buy stuff for my own wife and Voodoo Chile (Slight Return).

And just for your information, SRV's version was superior to any other.

Right now I have the EnV Touch cell phone.  If you're a Verizon Wireless prisoner you know you are "allowed" to UPGRADE YOUR PHONE FOR FREE every two years, or they will charge you hundreds of dollars for trying to escape.

If you already own the Incredible you have nothing to worry about.  In order for me to get mine, I need to wait for my wifer to get into her "New Every Two" zone.  That's when they let you "get a free phone!" if you volunteer to be their prisoner for another 2 years.

Enough.  Move on and get over it, ok?

U.S and South Korea have agreed to "more military exercises".  That's good.  As opposed to mandating more exercise for all the fat, ugly middle Americans the Soetoro's think is needed.  There's only one thing liberals hate more than ugly people and that's work.  Well, let me rephrase.  They love it when other people work, someone's gotta pay the bills for shit like that statue of Jesus being eaten by ants.

Of course, the liberal idiots love this.  That Boehner wants this looked into all they think is that it's a bunch of Republican religious nuts going crazy because poor Jesus is being desecrated.  I'm sure these same Gawker moonbats were the first to condemn the Dutch artist drew his picture of Mohammed in Jyllands-Posten papers and defend the lunatic Muslim terrorists for killing people over the it...claiming that we should respect all religions blah blah blah we're so tolerant blah blah blah...


Do you think Boehner wants this looked into because you and I are paying for this through our tax dollars??  No, that's not's only because it's a portrayal of Jesus.  It's because of the massive failure that is Obama, the liberal corruption, out of control spending and shit like this that their Fraud Messiah will be a Milkman in Akron Ohio in 2 more years.

They just don't understand the world hates them, laughs at them and knows their weak-minded simpletons that can't see or understand anything below surface value.

Liberals are morons.  Gawker is proof.

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