Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alexander Haig

I usually leave my weekends for doing chores around the house, watching movies with my wife, reading comics, playing with the dog or generally enjoying the freedoms I have. I tend to leave politics alone, saving it for the week of political talk around the water cooler at work.

I would never try to attribute or give the credit for those freedoms to a single person but every once in a while a single person did do a great deal to afford this county's citizens her freedoms.

The Joe Stacks of the world think our government has failed them in some way. When you rely on the government to provide for you, as is the communist's or socialist's ideal then, yes, the United States government is going to fail you. The government is not in place to provide. It is in place to protect. The government didn't fail Joe Stack, Joe Stack failed his country.

Most people know this, which is why this country has roundly defeated socialism whenever it has tried to get back up again. Which is why this current administration will come and go like the passing fad it is.

Were it not for the Alexander Haig's of the country, the Joe Stacks of the country would be living their happy, government provided lives.

It is a drastic shame that Joe Stack tried to inflict maximum damage to others when he, allegedly, packed fuel canisters in his little Cesna (which I personally can't afford, can you?). It's a shame, too, that Joe Stack took someone with him on his way out. We saw a loon have a tantrum because he wasn't getting what he wanted, like a two year old.

Thank goodness 2 year-olds can't fly planes because we'd have acts like that on a daily basis.

Good riddance, Joe Stack. May your ilk decide to just jump off bridges alone the next time they don't get what they want.

R.I.P. Alexander Haig.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The "Press Conference"

I'll add to the hype, why not.

I usually listen to the morning sports talk radio out of Boston. Those of you that are from the area know the Dennis and Callahan show to be a lot of fun. I agree with most of their political views and they have a pretty keen eye for sports. This morning the topic was odds of Elin showing up for Tiger's so called "press conference". I use the quotes because this is anything but a presser. It will appear as a presser, but believe me it will be Tiger reading a statement carefully crafted by his expensive PR firm.

Will he be wearing a suit? Or will he be wearing clothing that makes this appearance blend in with every other appearance his ever done - when looked at from history. Will he wear a Nike logo? Will he answer questions?

These are just some of the questions coming before the presser, I am sure that this will leave people with more questions. the Golf Writers Association of America has already announced they will not attend because Tiger is not allowing any questions.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why Should I?

In reading that some idiot that heads up the U.N. in it's efforts to combat climate change quit his post, I'm again asking myself, "Why should I?".

Why should I make changes, vast changes, to my lifestyle? Why should I succumb to societal pressure to change the way I live so that I leave a smaller "footprint" on the climate?

How can people still believe anything about so called "global warming"?

The science has been all but debunked. And the IPCC has had to retract more of their idiotic statements than I can even keep track of.

There's no accountability with these people. How do we allow some kind of international body to continue after everything they've done is junk science and lies.

"They" expect us to make such huge changes to our lives, from how we heat our houses to how we drive to work. Al Gore said Washington D.C. will never see more than 7 inches of snow again...ever - because of the damage we have done to the planet. Remember, the planet has a fever.

Not that one would notice if D.C. was open again (because this is the most useless administration the country has ever seen, next to Carter) but I think D.C. got a little more than 7 inches a week or so ago. But again, this administration could be locked out of the White House for a month and they'd still accomplish an equal amount of progress as they would were they actually behind desks. The only thing falling faster than the mercury in thermometers around the D.C. area is Obama's ratings. But I digress...

Only a true-blooded moonbat, dedicated with every ounce of its being to the socialist/leftist agenda of self-loathing still believes any of it anymore.

So why should I make these changes? Until I see otherwise, all I've seen thus far has been lies, misinformation and more lies.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Almost Done

So, I decided to read two titles all the way back before Marvel's Secret Invasion event. It makes a little more sense the second time around.

The two titles were Avengers: The Initiative and Thunderbolts.

I had gotten back into comics recently because I wanted to rebuild a long lost G.I. Joe collection. When I jumped back in, I hadn't read a comic in years...and it was smack dab in the middle of Secret Invasion. Some of the characters that were relatively unknown to me are now somewhat familiar.

I felt those two titles were most central to the Secret Invasion story line and once I saw that Siege was cutting a path through Avengers: The Initiative I decided on the above mentioned re-read. It's been fun, totaling individual books. I had a few TPBs to use but now I'm almost finished and I'm reading individual issues of each title without a TPB.

I have a hardcover copy of Avengers: The Initiative vol. 3 which has some amazing artwork by Harvey Montecillo Tolibao, Steve Kurth, colorists Matt Milla, Jay David Ramos and Chris Sotomayor. Those issues in between 15 and 20 are some of my favorite books. In my opinion the artwork is astounding and I really enjoyed those particular issues.

I didn't plan on buying the hard-cover, I think it was an accident but I'm glad I have it. There's some pivotal stuff in those issues and it's drawn accordingly.

Anyway, I'll finish up this line just in time to read Siege. I've been buying the issues but everything is a bit backlogged because of my "project".

I hope Siege lives up to it, if not I really can't see any other option but to quit Marvel for good.