Saturday, March 20, 2010

So Off I Go...

The biggest battle in a long time for the United States Of America takes place this weekend.

Moreover the biggest battle for my sanity and peace of mind takes place this weekend as the wife and I and our unborn take a weekend away to get away from the looking for a house, flooding of a grandmother's basement, useless brother-in-laws and pain in the ass in-laws.

I leave you with this picture of the Tea Party upon the Capital Hill grounds as they prepare for a battle and brace themselves for the news as to whether or not the Constitution means anything anymore these days.

Hopefully, when I get back...American will be where she belongs.

Hope And Change Thingie

So I was browsing the net for a new bumper sticker. I wanted one of those 'How's All that Hope and Change working out for you' bumper stickers and was distracted by some forum posts or message board posts that turned up as results.

I know change doesn't come from a bumper sticker, but I live and work around the Boston area. I already have a 1-29-13 bumper stickers on my car - it's the only one - and being stopped at a red-light on my way to work and seeing some frothing loon-kook liberal behind me blow a gasket because of the sticker is, well, really a feeling I can't compare to anything else.

99% of the Google results actually gave me results I wanted (I had counted on Google hiding those results - like they do in China, and as they did/do with the Michelle Obama picture. By the way, the last time I checked, they have removed it again after replacing it...after initially removing it. Head...spinning.

Anyway, some results were from Yahoo Answers:

How is all that hope and change working out for you?

Hope comes from truth.

And there will be a lot of change this November

It's good to see all these replies from Liberals, good sources lot of great laughs because of their obliviousness, rude replies and justification attempts. He, He, He, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.

Anyway..a few comments were enlightening.

Here are two that particularly caught my eye:

1.) I'm guessing, in response to the way everything is being done behind closed doors and the staggering amount of backroom deals and buy-offs this "president" currently thinks he should run the country this guy said it best:

Never do anything in plain sight when you have something to hide.

2.) Liberals, as usual, have nothing philosophically to stand on. So they tend to fall back on the standbys.

Hmmm! Looks like you are one of those Religious, Right, Radical, Extremist, Tea Bagger, 9-12ers.
Thank you. He, He, He.

I'm not anywhere nearly as astute as some of my fellow bloggers (Hey, I'm new at this) but can anyone please point out the "Religious, Right, Radical, Extremist" views expressed in the original question. Of course that question is rhetorical, it simply proves my point that, when liberals have no answers, they use the old "You're a racist" card to:

A) Make sure no big scary black people get angry at them (how many of these liberals actually have black friends...) How many of them have white guilt?

I'm betting more have the latter than have the former.

B) Keep black people subjugated to their party in order to keep their vote.

How To Avoid A Full Scale Revolution

As I said in an earlier post, I'm disgusted with the politics as usual in D.C.

If "Hope And Change" meant, literally, buy senatorial votes at an alarming rate, give away disgusting deals, ignore the will of the people and basically trample on the United States Constitution, Hussein is living up to that promise - and then some.

Imagine the shady, backroom Chicago style deep-dish democracy going on in Washington with all these "Nay" votes miraculously turning into "Yay" votes.

I spoke to McQ from, and, running it by him how scared I truly was. I said: I'm scared - though prepared - for a full scale revolution against this current "president".

He's doing everything in his and Pelosi's power to circumvent the
Constitution to ram legislation you and I will have to live with for
the remainder of our lives.

I personally can't stand for this. I thank god every day there exists
people like Scott Brown in the senate - because he strikes me as a guy
that will hold his ground - but Dennis Kucinich will not and has
already signaled he is on the take.
and he summed it up quite nicely:

You use the process until the process is of no more use.

What the Democrats are doing is politically stupid. They could have their cake and eat it too - just back off, say "we hear you", start over, involve the Republicans and get both health care reform (the GOP says they're willing) and preserve their majorities. They'd also buy a lot of good will with the American people. Instead they're on this insane path of using trickery, stupid accounting tricks, strong arm tactics and kamakazi politics to pass a deeply unpopular bill.

They lose their majority in the House this go round and unless the GOP is totally inept, they lose the Senate and White House in 2012. What bloggers and the like have to do is keep the fire lit and keep the pressure on - both parties. Can't afford to let the GOP go it's usual way and squander a golden opportunity. Focused and deliberate - with a plan to stick with principle instead of the usual devolution into Democrat lite.

The benefits don't kick in until 2014. All people will know to that point are the increased taxes. It's not like a Republican Congress and White House will be taking any benefits away from anyone - just the taxes. Repeal should be a piece of cake and with Democrats insisting that reconciliation is something to be used as often as they like, the vehicle will be in place. Naturally the caterwauling by Democrats will be epic, but if the spine implants the GOP has received take, they should be able to turn the same nonsense on the Dems as they're being subjected too now.

Poetic justice is what it's called.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Change, Transparency and No More Politics As Usual

Imagine the shady, backroom Chicago style deep-dish democracy going on in Washington with all these "Nay" votes miraculously turning into "Yay" votes.

  • There has been zero transparency.
  • There has been no change from the "Status Quo".
  • There has been no "change".
In fact, this guy is as shady a politician to every be forced upon the majority of the American voting public - and his politics are nothing but politics as usual.

I guess you can take the low-life trash out of Chicago, but you can't take the Chicago out of the low-life low-class, typical entitled "president" who seems to be like Cousin Eddie from the National Lampoon Vacation movies

If most Americans knew the first thing about the Constitution of The United States Of America they would, and rightly so, be outraged that they were duped by this snake-oil salesman. They would be outraged by how he seems to be taking every step possible to circumvent the Constitution in order to pass his manufactured Health Insurance Reform Bill crisis. (Please, let's start calling it what it is. It has nothing to do with "care" and everything to do with Heath Insurance. Lobbyists lining up like swine and varmint at the troth of American taxpayer money.

I repeat, at the risk of sounding reduntant...he's a fraud.

Sadly, most "American" know nothing about the they will notice nothing wrong at all.

Hopey, as I will henceforth call this fraud president, is as dubious, dishonorable and dishonest as any president in US history. He's recapitulatory and a flat out liar.

Hiw version of "Change" is to "Change" change the votes through shifty and shoddy backroom deals. Buying off senators and house members at a record rate, Hussein Obama will inflict upon this country "change" we'll live with for the rest of our lives, unfortunately. This is the most important piece of executive legislation to ever come this close to passing, and it scares me. I've lived under Romneycare, and it's destructive and cancerous to the American public as anything I can remember. Of course, I'm only 35 years old - but I know my history. Has anything else come this close to being rammed down our throats?

I again point to the video I posted yesterday, see it again after the jump and have faith in the GOP to make sure these on the take scumbag politicians pay for changing their flip-flopping.

That video makes me feel so warm and happy to see The GOp ready to take the fight to him on the floor when they take out nearly 70% of the dirtballs already seated.

I was worried that after mid-term elections...the GOP would step up and get things going, therefor paving the way for a second Hussein term. Someone at lunch today said that this "president" - without a majority after the midterms - will accomplish nothing and peacefully leave the Whitehouse with minimal damage.

The better half needs a vacation and we're headed to a small bed and breakfast out on the Cape to get out minds off house-buying, flooding and all else.

Does anyone else have something else to make me feel nice and relaxed before I head out for the weekend to the Cape?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

As Good As Ambien

Before I climb my tired, sore, over-worked carcass off to bed for a little reading before I drift off to sleep I watched this quick clip. After watching, I feel a lot better. After seeing my party act like Republicans. After seeing my elected officials actually doing what the people want. I feel so much better that I'm sure I can skip my Ambien tonight :)

Video after the jump...

Senator Coburn puts the Leftists on warning. " prepared to defend selling your vote in the House.”


With a nod to Pundette...

Here is an example of truth:

Lies, on the other hand, need to be examined a bit.

But they are there....simply follow along


Water, Water Everywhere

And not a brother-in-law in sight.

Dealing with the flooding basement that belongs to my wife's grandmother since Sunday Night. I go there in the morning and right after work because apparently I'm the only one that knows how to use a sump-pump or a shop-vac.

I'm also the only husband in the family that works for a living and has a pregnant wife at home. My brother-in-law (who works for Daddy and Daddy just bought him a new house) is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, I'm working through lunch all week so I can leave early and get over there.

So, I haven't been posting because I'm too busy whining and holding most of my in-laws in disgust.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Working With Other People

I hereby declare that, in order to work at a real job in the real world, one must be at least 30 years of age.

So let it be written, so let it be done.