Saturday, April 24, 2010

Donations Accepted

Taking a break from naming my posts in a Frank Zappa, non sequitur manner - momentarily.

I hate to do this, I was brought up by a dad who, in the custom of Polonius, advised me to neither a borrower nor a lender be.

But I'm going to give this a shot...

As you know, my wife and I are moving (we bought our first ever house) and we're expecting (a son!! [still super excited about that little fact]).

With this move we are cutting back on costs and item number one is to strip away our cable bill. I am going to be building a computer capable of streaming TV shows from websites like Hulu, abc, abc etc. I just can't justify giving Comcast nearly $200.00 a month for perhaps 7-10 hours a week of television watching.

To get this project finished, I need a few more dollars. If anyone cares to donate anything to this cause it would be greatly appreciated.

You can PayPal any donations to my email address "".

Thank you folks, for reading this weird little blog I have...this is the first and only time I'll ask for any kind of handout/donations again.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rudy Hates Bocci...Mountainside Boogie

Where was all the hub-bub about "Swastika signs" when Bush was in office? Zombie Of The House Pelosi has claimed that Tea Party protesters are Nazis:

Brandeis University is in a bit of hot water. They've had Bill Ayers as a quest speaker who tried to recruit two Brandeis students to commit murder. It seems like the liberals are so full of hate, they've become nothing but a caricature of themselves. It all starts at the University level...all that hate.

Here's an actual picture:

That picture, used for a school-sponsored powwow discussing "The Right from a neo-nazi perspective", is real. This is the type of thinking that goes on in colleges all around the country.

I'm petrified to send my child to these colleges. I luckily graduated and escaped being brainwashed, I can only hope I raise my child with enough sense to see through this kind of bullshit.

There's a saying on the internets called "Goodwin". If someone is engaged in a debate and they get so upset that they start to compare the opposing view or person as Hitler or Nazis they have "Goodwined" the argument and, by rule of the Holy Internet Gods, the argument is over and that person loses.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wyoming Otter Hunt (Reprise)

As a caveat to my last post in which I stated I don't watch much television save for a few select programs; I need to add that there are certain nights that I can't help but stare up in awe from one of my comic books at the train wreck my wife happens to be watching.

One of which is this "Real Housewives Of New York" thing. My wife has a razor sharp sense of when I happen to be watching these "women" and ask a few questions about their behavior she never fails to crack me up. That's why I love my wife. She's able to make me laugh at something I find truly disturbing and impossible to understand...all while taking time away from my comics.

Good news, rest of the world! Ben LaGuer has cancer! Ben LeGuer is a rapist who befriended Massachusetts' ridiculously inept Governor, Deval Patrick (and a few other of Boston's finest, leading bleeding-heart liberals like Boston University President John Silber and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel).

Big Bad Ben managed to swindle $5,000 from the Guv'nor to help him pay legal fees to get him out of jail (which I'm sure had nothing to do with race and helpin' a brotha out [big-rolledeyes-smilie-face]). This story almost cost Donothing Deval the election, but rape and stuff like that doesn't bother the idiot voters here in Massachusetts. After all, my fellow Kommonwealthers voted the following:

- Get rid of the sales tax: NO
- Allow less than an ounce of marijuana to be a ticket-able offense, instead of an arrest: YES
- Ban dog racing: YES

Now he wants to use this cancer to get out jail. I hope he dies of this cancer, I hope it's painful, long and no one visits him or cares (except for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, President Teleprompter and Cadillac Deval). I then hope his victim urinates upon his grave.

By the way, If I were to go to war, I would want Sayid Jarrah on my side. This guy killed an armed man while sitting down, with his hands tied behind his back using only his legs to snap his neck.

Also, President Teleprompter has had his soft, moist media say many, many times that his "health" "care" "reform" bill will lower costs. Along with everything else The Faux President has said, that's another big fat lie.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm No Math Whiz

Until further notice, I'll be entitling my blog entries in the same fashion Frank Zappa named his songs.

Is anyone else getting a little tired of the relentless "overweight crisis" rhetoric in the media lately? To me, it's nothing but classism and elitism. I definitely don't need some guy with a British accent coming over here and telling us how fat we all are.

And why do we have so experts salespeople with some sort of British accent? Nannys that speak completely annoyingly, wasn't there some vacuum salesman that spoke very eloquently so we would think we weren't buying a vacuum, but some sort of really amazing product that smart people use. Also the guy that did a reality show with Billy Mays (he had a beard, which is another thing altogether). Do we think that if they put someone with an accent in front of them, the product is somehow different?

Really? Another movie spawned from an unfunny, awkward and poorly written SNL skit? There hasn't been a funny thing on that show since "Deep Thoughts"...and even then things were on the way down. I consider the Phil Hartman/Chris Farley/David Spade years the television equivalent of the Metallica album "...And Justice For All". It wasn't really good anymore, but it was the very last thing that was somewhat enjoyable. Everything since then has been garbage...both on SNL and from Metallica. SNL just put Jimmy Fallon and his fat friend on camera and the would giggle at each other...cuz, man we all know how funny it is when people are doing live TV and might crack up...woah...groundbreaking stuff there. Oh, and make sure makeup and hair spend hours on Jimmy Fallon's hair to make it look like hair and makeup didn't spend hours on his hair.

If Obama and Pelosi are in the middle of the ocean and their boat starts sinking, who gets saved? America.

An Avatar sequel? I still haven't stopped gagging from the effects the first movie had on my digestive system.

Please, just make more LotR movies. Get The Hobbit: Part 1 in front of me please.

My wife and I have a certain couple we're friends with. She calls me her Republican Husband and she's my Republican Wife. Neither of our respective spouses are particularly political...but they definitely vote GOP. This was her Facebook status this morning.


Love her.

Anyway, Wednesday nights are the only night I really look forward to watching on TV. The Middle, Modern Family and Cougartown are three well written shows that I really enjoy. Granted, they feature characters and relationships a typical Republican would find distasteful - but I'm willing to let it pass and just enjoy the shows.

Tonight, however, they are all repeats and I need to catch up on Lost. I've not seen a single episode this season and my co-worker is going nuts in his need to discuss what's going on. So, that provided the opening to catch up. I'm watching Episodes 1 and 2 tonight as I type, and I hope to catch up in time for next week. Lost is a great show and it makes for great water-cooler talk. The last show I truly "followed" in a way similar to this was The Sopranos and before that, The X-Files. That inbred family episode still gives me the willies.

Haunt. If You're Not In Love With This Book You're Nuts

Haunt, written by Kirkman...yeah he can simply be called Kirkman now. Like DeNiro, Pacino, Scorsese.

This book is great. The first arc just finished and it was amazing. The art is absolutely perfect...steely grayish blues, creamed whites, stark blacks and a really, really cool protagonist.

Basically, this priest who smokes, drinks and likes prostitutes has his life saved by his dead brother's ghost and they meld into one blackish-bluegrey and white hero named "Haunt".

I can't say enough about this book so I'm just going to keep this post short. I've read the first arc at least 4 times. Each time finding something new hidden in the art, or some detail I missed the last time.

If you're lucky enough to find the first prints of the first 5 them. Or just wait for the TPB which should be out soon.

Buy it, you will like it. And you will thank me and consider me a god-like figure from whom you will constantly seek all sorts of wordly advice.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Toys, New Condos, New Human Babies

As I anxiously (thank you pharmaceutical companies for the precious gift called "Clonopin") await the finalization of the purchase and sale of my first property, a Condo I am also waiting for my wife to birth my first child and future Republican voter.

I decided to purchase a new little toy I had my eye on for a while now, an Asus EEE pc. My laptop is fine...but I can't believe we've gotten to the point where laptops are too big and clunky. Laying bed, or sitting on my recliner and want to look up the name of a movie or a song or see if some actress ever did a nude scene (Damn you Sofia Vergara, please please please for the love of all that's holy do a nude scene and I can die a happy man. I watch your show, "Modern Family" every week just for you [ok the writing is pretty good, too]) Lookit that, talk about a tree of digression.

Anyway, this thing is great. It's lightning quick, less than 2 and a half pounds and is perfect for it's intended purpose....quick browsing, emailing, and proof: this post was written using it - blogging.

The version I purchased was the 1005hab. It comes with a full version of XP, as opposed to the ones that came with a bare-bones Windows 7 (apparently you can't even change the wallpaper on the Windows 7 ones).

Also, there's also an Ubuntu version made specifically for netbooks called Ubuntu Netbook Remix that, from what I gather from reading some of the posts in EEE user forums, seems to be pretty reliable. I use Debian (the version of Linux upon which Ubuntu is built) at work quite a bit and work on Unix based servers all day long. So I might give it a shot.

Anyone else a "triple-e" user? Like it? Love it? Use it as a doorstop?