Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great Book! - Caucus of Corruption

Caucus of Corruption: The Truth about the New Democratic Majority

This book is so well written, and hits so many topics right on the head it's great. Highly recommended!

Way To Go Obama!

 Nice job! Make sure when you find the people responsible you:
  1. Blame George Bush
  2. Kiss, Bow, or apologize to the leader of whatever country responsible for breeding this kind of hatred.    Apologize for doing whatever it was we did that made us deserve this
  3. If, and I'm sure you're hoping to Allah that it is a white guy...make sure you wag your finger at us and tell us what ideas of further Constitution dismantling you plan on delegating to Rahm Emmanuel.  I'm sure the two of you, and your buddy Rev. Wright, are giggling with joy right now...hoping against hope there's a nice, big, fat body count for you to play with
  4. Then go fuck yourself

You Know What The Definition Of Awesome Is? Being A Sweaty Mess And Being Unable To Show

Up here in Bahstin...a 10 foot in diameter water main stemming from the Charles River burst and contaminated the tap water for 27 communities, approximately 2 million people cannot drink, wash clothes, wash dishes or shower because the water is completely polluted.

There's a boil order in effect so we can at least make coffee.

But it was really awesome to get sweaty and disgusting lugging our packed boxes around the house knowing I will be unable to shower for work tomorrow.

There's great news, though, according to our super-loser Guv'nah, Cadillac Deval. He says, it's only a matter of don't worry. He also said if we elected him he would cut our property taxes...he hasn't - but I didn't vote for him, I'm not a sucker. This guy is a doorstop, that's it.

Here's a great read for a lazy day at the beach.