Friday, October 15, 2010

Bret Favre's Penis - A Era Of Sports For The Whole Family

Bret Favre's penis, Justin Beiber, a raging provincial argument regarding the state of Tom Brady's hairstyle, crooked fucking zebras, steroids, ROFLsberger allegedly raping women in bathrooms, 7 year old Chinese girls in the Olympics, Randy Moss' beard, a grown man that calls himself "Pac-Man", people like Manny Ramirez purposely dropping balls and not swinging the bat, A-Fraud, Roger Clemens and Victor Conte and The Asterisk.

Those are a few of the reasons I love sports.

Forget competition, forget sportsmanship, mano y mano, The Gipper, "The band is out on the field, he's gonna go into the end zone!", Cassius Clay defeats Sonny Liston, "Do you believe in miracles?", Jesse Owens, The 1969 Jets, Lou Gehrig, Joe Lewis destroying Max Schmeling, Hank Aaron the true HR leader, Mary Lou Retton, September 21, 1970, Rocky Marciano retires undefeated, Doug Flutie's Miami Miracle.

However...I would trade it all for a single night with Jen Sterger.  A woman that looks like that will make any man do stupid things.  For example, unzipping your Wranglers and whipping it around while you take pictures of it with your cellie.  I don't have her phone number so I can't do I'll take all the corruption in sports today for a night with this woman.

If you haven't already done a GIS for Jen Sterger pics, here's a simply, randomly selected sampling of her wares...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Barney Frank Needs To Lose His Job

Barney Frank, the Esteemed Gentleman Caller Congressman From Massachusetts, is running again for re-election.

It is a testimony to the complete idiocy of MA residents that this man still has a job.  It's also a testimony to how creating the single most gerrymandered district in the country can keep a crook in office.  Look it up, it's a fact. Massachusetts' 4th congressional district has been used and abused more than Jenna Jameson.

So, my list...
  1. We'll start with the easy one.  "Everyone deserves a house".
  2. His utter contempt for his constituency.
  3. His arrogance.  His arrogance.  His arrogance. His arrogance.
  4. Herb Moses.  Barney Frank's boyfriend.  For those that don't know Barney Frank, he's the first openly gay Congressman in history.  Herb Moses was a big-wig at Fannie Mae.  Barney Frank gave Fannie May $200 million of tax payer money...which led to the housing crisis...which turned into the financial mess we're currently in. (Of course, those are way too many steps for Democrats to take.  That's too much thinking.  It's easier to say "Bush left a huge mess".)
  5. One United Bank.  $12 million of taxpayer TARP money bailed out the failing One United Bank because Barney said, "We need more minority owned banks".  One United couldn't make good on any of their payments, of course - and then simply failed.  But Barney likes black guys so I had to pay for it.
Those are just the big 5, major points I think this guy needs to get tossed on his ass.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Thread Of Openness

Americans, our technology, our equipment and our NASA employees rescued those Chilean miners.  However, you will not see that mentioned in any article about that tidbit except here.  Seriously, if it wasn't for America the rest of the world's population (with the exception of maybe Ireland and the UK...maybe Wales too you don't hear much about Wales.  I'd like to live in Wales.  Sometimes I imagine myself as a Welshman, living in a small village, talking to the village mechanic before walking down to the market and buying some bread and cheese and milk.  I'd then stop and speak with the village pastor for a while, see what he's up to.  Then maybe climb a hill and sit, and watch the grass grow because I'm in no rush...I'm Welsh - and so was Braveheart [right].  So I would sit and watch the grass grow knowing what a proud history my country has of fighting off the stupid British.  I'm Welsh, and proud.  I love being a Welshman.) would revert back to a constant state of those last few scenes after the monkey touched the monolith.

I'm French-Canadian and Irish, by the way. YAWN.

Anyway, on with it:

The Sundries Shack says it best. Damn us and our capitalism.

Betsy's Page: Continuing to ignore the main issue tells us about more smoke and mirrors from the Democrats. The only thing the Dems have left, now, is the Jedi mind trick.

Dems: "These aren't the problems you're worried about"
Uninformed people that vote: "These aren't the problems we're worried about"

Pundit and Pundette show us how the Dems are triaging their own while drowning in their own sickening, filthy desperation.

The Big Feed has found Obama's theme song.

The Right Perspective introduces us to that idiot that threw his book "HOW TO BECOME WISE", really the book has all caps on it's cover, that the MSM is ignoring...because he is an open, loving, tolerant Obamazombie and not a racist, gun-toting, schizophrenic Tea Party member. Oh wait.

A Blog For All shows the hypocritical nature of environmentalists and the "Not In My Backyard" mentality of liberal elitists.

Interested-Participant has a nice, local write up about some lilly livered small town politicians kowtowing to political correctness and the slow crawl of anti-Christianity into American society.

Nice Deb brings us all back down to Earth for a moment, stops us from frothing at the mouth and asks us to remember someone pretty damn special.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Number #200 goes to...Superman Reboot

The Superman reboot.

I.  Love.  Superman.

So, what more fitting a topic for me to beg my readers to help me think of come up with on my own in celebration of post number 200 here at The Jar.

I grew up wanting to be him, I had the Underoos. I would jump from couch and land on my face soar off into the air with my cape and rescue toy soldiers citizens.

By the way, do a GIS for superman underoos - you'll be pleasantly surprised that they ain't just for little boys anymore.

First of all, when I had heard the initial rumors of this I was petrified.  The reason I was petrified was because the Wachoski brothers were reported to have a hand in it.

Not only did they destroy the only good film they made, The Matrix, by creating two overly long, preachy, ridiculously over CGIed sequels...they are also responsible for Speed Racer.  I shall not venture into anymore thoughts on that, as I am near out of industrial office cleaner and will be unable to clean my desk of vomit with any manner of ease.

I then heard they were out...yaysauce!

Slowdown, champ.  Brett Ratner was slated for the job next!!!  Thus, I quoteth the Brothers Warner:
Warner Bros. announced today plans for a brand-new Superman franchise with the first film, SUPERMAN ADVENTURES, to be helmed under the guidance of Brett Ratner (giggle) (RUSH HOUR (giggle), X-MEN: THE LAST STAND(GIGGLE!!!!)).
“Brett’s work ethic (giggle) and adherence to our strict set of studio guidelines (giggle) is what made us choose him to shepherd (giggle) this new franchise to the world,” said Gary Ullsman, senior VP of Warner Bros.  “We knew he could pump out a Superman movie in two years flat (giggle), which is exactly what we wanted.”
Giggles added by me.  Movies studios don't usually put giggles in their press releases.  I do, however, when film companies release pressers and mention Brett Ratner.

Then rumors of Christopher Nolan starting popping up.  Needless to say; he done good - real good - with Batman.  But, I said it, however needless it may have been.

While the Donner (note the emphasis please) Superman movies are #1 on my list of comic book movies, #1b and #1c are Nolan's two Batman movies.  #2 is Howard The Duck.  That was a lie.  Yo, Howard the Duck sucked, for real like, yo.

Add to Nolan, is Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Dawn Of The Dead) and I'm rejoicing in my fanboi socks.  Even though I think Watchmen was an unreadable mess, and an unwatchable movie...not through any fault of Snyder...the movie is obviously incredibly well made...I'm just don't like socialist, anti-capitalist, anarchistic self-importance with my escapist entertainment.

So here we sit with Snyder and Nolan slotted to direct and produce, "The Man Of Steel" with scripter-supreme David Goyer (Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Blade II, Blade Trinity, The Crow: City Of Angels, and get this...a Scanners remake!)

To Luthor, or not to Luthor, that is their question.  All indications are pointing: not to Luthor.  If you've been reading Superman lately, the Brainiac storyline into the New Krypton storyline into War Of The Supermen storyline was great.  Then J. Michael Straczynski went on to try and make Superman more human by walking, not flying, across the country on foot, all pensive like, tying up drug dealers (get it?  so that Kal-El can be more in touch with Earth?)

It's...been...done  - much, much more imaginatively and by people much, much better than you, J.  Sorry.

So, yes.  I vote yes on the Superman reboot.  Superman Returns was good, I've always meant to buy it on DVD or BD, but I always end up finding something a little better.

Some Scanners goodness after the jump...

Monday, October 11, 2010

What Hate IS, And What Hate Isn't - A Leftist's Lesson In Free Speech, Hate & Censorship

A few weeks ago, an email made it's rounds around my workplace called "Men Who Lack Adult Supervision". It consisted of some harmless pictures like these:

Harmless fun that gave me a good chuckle.

Seeing as though I was wasting time on the internet anyway busy at work I figured I would check the net for some more pictures.

The Googlewebs search I then did led me to a blog, nice deb.  She had those same pictures posted, probably from the same email.

However, at the end of her post she added a few extra pictures...I will post them all in the interest of full disclosure...

Some idiot who calls himself "Bruce The Economist" labeled the pictures as "hateful", created a linkback to nice deb with his own post called "Hatred That's Hard For Me To Understand" and then proceeded to berate nice deb with the typical thinly veiled "you're a racist" drivel.  This is "Bruce The Economist's" blog entry.

I made a comment over at his blog, asking him if this was the kind of "hate" to which he more able to understand.

Here is that comment as it sits today:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Is this a hatred you are more easily able to identify with?

October 7, 2010 at 5:41 pm
I checked back on lil ol Brucie on the 10th of October to see what he had to say about that,  and lo and behold my comment was, as you can plainly see in the above red colored comment was being triaged.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was on vacation, or was too busy teaching sociology at some community college to answer back or at least allow the comments sitting in his comment queue to go through.

That wasn't the case as between the time I posted my response and the time when I checked back in...Bruce had made seven more blog entries about the great Obama.  So I commented again:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Ahh, the typical liberal.

Free speech is your worst enemy. Why did you leave a comment that agrees with you up, yet triage my post into oblivion.

Notice the page from which you linked this article allowed you to post a dissenting viewpoint?

Are you lefties supposed to be the ones that are “open”, “tolerant” and “accepting”? Or are you only “open”, “tolerant” and “accepting” to other lefties?
I’ll post again, even though you won’t let it do through to your section because it makes you lefties look like the complete hypocrites that you are (combined with your censorship of a post that disagreed with you).

If the pictures you saw on that other blog are a brand of “hate” you simply cannot understand, I ask you…is this the type of hate you DO understand?

October 10, 2010 at 1:29 am
I really wish I could stop being surprised when I see such blatant misuse of terms like "hate", "racism", "fascist" etc.  It's the only three cards liberals ever play with.  I mean, they want to play with everyone else, but they only have the three cards.

They need to buy a booster pack.

I beg of a comment over at Brucie's place. 

We can keep a running tally of how many differing opinions he keeps from being read.  Please, stop by and see li'l ol' Brucie.  How many screens of censorship can he keep going?

On another note, my next post will be number 200.  Let's hear some ideas on what I should write about...

*Update - Come on folks...gimmie a goodie to post about for post 200.  Anything!  Any topic...I'm extremely versatile.  You saw my post on Diane've seen my work on comics, Barry Obama...even computers.

Number 200 needs to be a cultured, enthralling non sequitur.  HIT ME!