Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rasmussen Gets It, Do The Politicians?

Found this post sitting in my "Drafts"...apparently I meant to post it before the elections a few weeks ago...

One of the first pages I hit every day is Scott Rasmussen's Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.  I like to see how wavering and teetering the support for Obama is, and where that number sits.

It's an incredible source for keeping track of election data, number crunching and the like.  I'm sure most conservatives know who he is, because conservative voters tend to be informed, while those that vote democrat tend to be, well, you know.  You've seen those a million times.  Liberals usually don't know what those videos indicate.

Anyway, in an article published today Mr. Rasmussen hits on some interesting points.
In the last week of October 2010, Rasmussen Reports again showed Republicans with a nine-point lead on the generic ballot. And tomorrow Republicans will send more Republicans to Congress than at any time in the past 80 years.
Bloggers better than me have already pointed out that the numbers we're seeing are astounding.  While concerned with voter fraud at an epic level, I still have confidence that the GOP will come out with the majority.

While most voters now believe that cutting government spending is good for the economy, congressional Democrats have convinced them that they want to increase government spending. After the president proposed a $50 billion infrastructure plan in September, for example, Rasmussen Reports polling found that 61% of voters believed cutting spending would create more jobs than the president's plan.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Excuse Me, Mr. President. Are You Out Of Your Fucking Mind?

Can this happen?

Part of me knows it can't.  Seeing how badly the Dems got their asses kicked a few weeks ago I don't see any of them touching this with a ten foot teleprompter.  And there's no way they can push this onto Hussein's desk in the two months before Republicans make their way into The House.

The other part of me looks at Social Security and how it's been completely drained to pay for crap like phony Union disability pensions.

For example, as I sit here at work, my father-in-law who was a Union lifer is sitting in my living room watching my television while he babysits my newborn.  He retired due to a "work related injury" about 15 years ago.  Once I race home in rush hour traffic, he'll go home to his McMansion and watch some more TV.

I'd give you three guesses as to for whom he voted - but you already know.

WooHoo! Party At The UN!

Can we please stop funding this farce?  Not unlike Unions, the UN had it's place but has since fallen to political corruption.

Right off the heels of our esteemed Telepresident sending his cronies over to the UN to be chastised on our human rights atrocities by the likes of China and Iran comes an even scarier story.

Iran and Saudi Arabi are being considered for seats on the, get this, "Women's Rights Council".

Yes, this Iran and this Saudi Arabi.

Has this world gone completely fucking sideways?  After the results of our state elections and these two completely unrelated local stories, I'm inclined to think it is.  When the single most powerful man in the world is a total moron with a questionable agenda it's only logical that the rest of the country fall in place.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cialis $1.40, BRand Ritalin: $4.30 - CHE@P VI@GRA!!! - Stupid Spam Email & Other Stuff

Who are the people sending these emails?  They certainly can't make money, can they?

On a lighter note.

I am very good at Wheel of Fortune.  I can usually get a puzzle with a few letters revealed.  It's kinda fun to watch along with my wife, answer the puzzle with 4-5 letters up there and watch her get frustrated.

If there's apostrophes in the puzzle, it greatly reduces the amount of guesswork that's needed.  Apostrophe's narrow the choices incredibly. Say the first word is "_'_ _".  If the player guesses "L" and the two spaces after the apostrophe aren't's got to be "I've".  After that, look for T's or N's.  G's usually follow N's and there's usually an E after a T.  Puzzles can be deciphered pretty quickly with some common English language rules and knowing what kind of puzzles the show uses.

You might remember a while ago, when a contestant made it to the final round they would always choose "R S T L N and E".  Final Round puzzles were being solved at an alarming rate...for the producer's coffers that is.  Their solution to that was to use different types of puzzles, be more vague in their puzzle descriptions "phrase, place, person" - and give every player those letters right off the bat.

This carries over into Scrabble, where my poor wife never stands a chance.  You can count on two hands the amount of games she's won.

I'm not tooting my own horn, because this lady has everyone beat.

And if my horn needs tootin' I wouldn't mind leaving that job to her. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean?)


What's surprising to me is that 30% of the people thought this was OK.

So, let me just make sure I have this right:

In this country, we come under fire for putting The Ten Commandments outside our City Halls.  We can't fly American flags in public buildings for fear of offending people.  But we should practice some other sovereign nation's laws in our courts of law?  And you want to tell me that "they" aren't trying to take over this country?


It's the little wins, like this, that bring a country down from within.  It's the Cordoba Houses, it's a "president" apologetic for who and what we are, a "president" sorry about the things for which we stand, it's the screening of 75 year old married couples flying down to Florida to retire after a long, productive working life instead of the Mulslim in full on holy garb or whatever the fuck they have to call it.

It's kow-towing to political correctness and being afraid of the consequences of something like this:

The liberals would have you believe that these are but all isolated incidents.  They couldn't be more wrong.  It's a systematic take over from within.

You see so much of the activity going on right now because there's a fat-faced sucker in the White House.  They don't care if he bows to fact the love it.  They laugh at him, tell him how wonderful he is and make their moves.

And by simple contrast, with Bush 43 appearing lately...I wonder how we went so wrong.  I mean, the simple answer is obvious...Obama and his anti-American mentality.  The deeper answer is that people were led so far astray because of a flashy smile and desperation for what they thought was wrong with the country.  Little did they know how wrong they were.

Democracy is beautiful - but uninformed voters, corrupt federal agencies (SEIU, ACORN), the Unions and special interest groups have divided this such a rate of speed I really can't believe it.

Obviously, this ideology is being slowly but surely refuted across the nation.  I can only hope that the ship rights itself, and but soon.

Also, if you had any plans on buying and reading Bush's book.  Why not buy it by clicking through here.  Maybe I'll get 25 cents or something.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I Am So Tired And Busy I Can't Even Post This

I'm absolutely swamped.  Here at work and home.

For example, this Saturday I turned on my XBox to finally play some Bioshock 2.  It told me there was an update available and that I had insufficient room available to update it.

I own the "Arcade" version of the XBox so it has no internal storage space.  So I headed over to Gamestop and asked about buying one of Microsoft's proprietary memory sticks...because god forbid MS allows people to use a standard USB stick for memory.

When I get there, they guy tells me all I need is a standard USB stick now.  Cool, wasted trip...but no wasted money.

So I get home and toss an 8GB stick in there and XBox does it's updatey thing.  Then, it tells me that my Gold membership is about to expire on the 17th.  Apparently I haven't used this thing in nearly a year.  It makes sense...9 months of pregnancy, buying a house and then 2 months of caring for a newborn.

So I plopped out $9.99 for an extra month of Gold membership and then XBox needed another update.

This update was taking a bit of time and I somehow fell asleep waiting for it.  I was woken up by my wife telling me I needed to go to Home Depot and pick up some filters for our central air.

So I go downstairs to see the size I needed.  I pull the filter out and on the side is printed 16x25x1.  Easy enough.

So I get back in the car and head over to Home Depot, purchase four 16x25x1 air filters.  Standard practice is to replace them every 30 days during the winter months.  I get home, go downstairs and go to replace the filter only to realize it's the wrong size.

The previous home owner had bought a 16x25x1 filter and cut it down to size to make it fit.  I head back in the car and wait in the returns and exchanges line to return these and buy some proper ones.

Obviously Home Depot didn't have my oddball size: 12.5x20.75x1.  So they tell me, a few towns over is a mom and pop shop that they usually send people that need oddball sized filters.

20 minutes later I arrive at the mom and pop HVAC shop to find it closed for "Happy Birthday Jenn!!!".

Back in the car and back to Home Depot.  I purchase a 12x20x1.

Back home and I just put the fucking thing in (that's what she said) and said to myself, "Self, fuck it...pick up the right size later this week".  Probably endangering the respiratory systems of my family in the meantime.

I went back upstairs and sat in my recliner and turned on my Xbox to watch some Netflix...about 10 minutes into a documentary about prison life I fell asleep again.  I was awoken about 20 minutes later, as it had suddenly become 7pm...and it was time to put my son to sleep.