Friday, December 3, 2010

Shadowland Is Now Over

Shadowland, the mini-crossover event (or whatever they need to call it to justify selling more comics) has come to an end this week.  Massive crossovers like Siege sent me throttling across Teh Google searching for Siege Reading Orders, Siege checklists and whatever else to guide me through their mess.  The best of which happened to be the Dark Avengers and The Initiative books.

I've raved so many times about Christos Gage it's not even funny anymore.  It's crossing into stalking territory.  I hope he's reading this, and wondering how he can get me a job working IT at Marvel or something because of all the recognition I've brought him.  He'd be nothing without me and this blog.  Nothing.  Gage's run through The Initiative up to and including Siege was nothing less than was the standout title in my opinion...just as Avengers Academy is the standout amongst the million new Avengers books right now.

Once I finish Shadowland #5 and Daredevil #512 a Shadowland Review will follow. I plan to sit down any moment now and give them a read.  The Shadowland Reading Order isn't nearly as complicated as the others were, which is just the way I like it.

I, personally, like what they did here.  It was all the street-level guys - none of the whiny mutant X-Men (Marvel's metaphor for liberal causes) - and it was going really, really well.  I've been a Daredevil fan for a long time...I've got a complete collection of both volumes (minus about the first 80 issues, ya know...the one's worth the real money)...well, before Obama The Fraud moved in like Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Oh...anyway...yeah, street level guys.  Moon Knight, Taskmaster (and if you didn't read the 4 issue mini about Taskmaster - you.missed.out. - it was incredible), Iron Fist, Luke Cage (not a fan)  and other guys...basically everyone they forgot about during Dark Reign and Siege.  Which were just metaphors for how much Joe Q. hates Dubya.

Joe Dushbag
I mean, nearly every month there's a new comic book movie coming out.  I know Stan Lee is makin' loot, but unfortunately so is Joe Q. so he's a Hollywood suckup and he's gotta use those same anti-American, anti-Bush themes so prevalent in movies if he wants Hollywood to run his crap on the big screen.

It's no coincidence that Dark Reign and Siege all ended right around the time of Obama's fraudulent election...and once he won all the books had the words "The Heroic Age" on top of them.  Of course, this was meant to mean the good guys won the war in the books - but it's also a nod to the "Dark Reign" of Bush being over...and a new Heroic Messiah moving in.  Too bad he sucks and has buried this country in a 12 foot grave.

I like calling people "dushbags" instead of "douchebags".  It sounds funnier.  Kinda like "who-ahh" sounds better than "whore".  I learned that watching Goodfellas I think.

Oh, No Wonder

I like money, I like stats and I like lots of other things.

I like seeing how and why people come to this blog so I installed Google Analytics a few months back.

Every time I went to check my stats it was empty.  All I saw was zeros.  I thought I sucked.  Badly.  (I do suck, but that's besides the point).

Apparently in my endless tinkering with the site's design and layout, I removed the code Teh Googlez uses to track visits.

Yeah, I'm awesomesauce.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why Liberals Are Idiots, Part MMMDCCCLXXXVIII

There's nothing more I love than FREE MONEY.  You love it, I love, she loves it, we love it.  It's FREE MONEY!  You love it more than your wife and chillens, and you know it.  You need to buy stuff for those wives and chillens for MERRY CHRISTMAS, so do such by clicking through my Amazon picture things, and help me buy stuff for my own wife and Voodoo Chile (Slight Return).

And just for your information, SRV's version was superior to any other.

Right now I have the EnV Touch cell phone.  If you're a Verizon Wireless prisoner you know you are "allowed" to UPGRADE YOUR PHONE FOR FREE every two years, or they will charge you hundreds of dollars for trying to escape.

If you already own the Incredible you have nothing to worry about.  In order for me to get mine, I need to wait for my wifer to get into her "New Every Two" zone.  That's when they let you "get a free phone!" if you volunteer to be their prisoner for another 2 years.

Enough.  Move on and get over it, ok?

U.S and South Korea have agreed to "more military exercises".  That's good.  As opposed to mandating more exercise for all the fat, ugly middle Americans the Soetoro's think is needed.  There's only one thing liberals hate more than ugly people and that's work.  Well, let me rephrase.  They love it when other people work, someone's gotta pay the bills for shit like that statue of Jesus being eaten by ants.

Of course, the liberal idiots love this.  That Boehner wants this looked into all they think is that it's a bunch of Republican religious nuts going crazy because poor Jesus is being desecrated.  I'm sure these same Gawker moonbats were the first to condemn the Dutch artist drew his picture of Mohammed in Jyllands-Posten papers and defend the lunatic Muslim terrorists for killing people over the it...claiming that we should respect all religions blah blah blah we're so tolerant blah blah blah...


Do you think Boehner wants this looked into because you and I are paying for this through our tax dollars??  No, that's not's only because it's a portrayal of Jesus.  It's because of the massive failure that is Obama, the liberal corruption, out of control spending and shit like this that their Fraud Messiah will be a Milkman in Akron Ohio in 2 more years.

They just don't understand the world hates them, laughs at them and knows their weak-minded simpletons that can't see or understand anything below surface value.

Liberals are morons.  Gawker is proof.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Michelle Obama Has Never Been Prouder, I've Never Been More Embarassed

Since pulling off the biggest hoax in American history, Barack Hussein Obama has made me embarrassed to be an American.  If you want to fault me for that, so be it.

However I've watched him come from a background of racism and hatred to the highest office in the land from where he actively undermines the ideals of the United States.

He bows, he's arrogant, he kisses the feet of our enemies like a man begging for his life, he apologizes for us when we neither want nor need him to apologize for us and he has done as much damage to a country as one can possibly do...all while being it's "leader", not an "enemy" - though I posit this man in fact is an enemy of this country.

Under his watch he's created such a divisive atmosphere, completely disobeyed the will of the people and has done nothing but more of the same old politics...and weakened us in the process.

As he plays basketball with his pals (probably a bunch of Black Panthers given government positions after doing such a good job at voter intimidation):
  • Krazy Korea is killing innocents
  • He sends our delegates to be reprimanded by the likes of Iran, Syria and Krazy Korea.
  • Wikileaks is determinedly carrying out brazen domestic espionage
  • Spitting on democracy by pooh-poohing the Tea Party
  • Promoting racism by rigging the judicial system
  • Receiving an irrelevant, "nobel peace prize" for being black
  • Allowing Iran to ramp up to complete and utter nuclear warfare
  • Countless acts of terrorism and exculpating them as "isolated incidents"
  • The complete invasion of the private sector...where he would be a complete failure were he forced to work in it
  • Forcing those opposed to it to fund abortion through their federal income tax
  • By simply being a lefty, his tone of appeasement and lack of worldwide respect he has zero understanding of the situation in Krazy Korea.
That's just what I was able to come up with in a few seconds.  If I were to sit and examine everything I wouldn't be able to get a thing done other than list all his failures.  I have no writing ability.

Someone that does is doing just that, and doing it wonderfully.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Slavery Still Exists, But Not How You Think

They Still Exist, They Just Ain't Made Of Iron
I know I've posted this a few times...but I believe this to be the single most important thing going on in this country today, so bear with me.

We all know the Democratic Party is full of corruption, they were the slavery party - don't ever forget that.  That's fact.  Go look it up, except avoid Wiki*edia...that nugget is so buried in the article surrounded by weasel wording they may as well leave it out.  Wiki*edia is there for the sole purpose of rewriting history for the corrupt liberals anyway, so screw 'em I say.

Many people like to think slavery has ended, while still saying racism is still alive and well.  They are correct in that racism is alive and well, but it's not where they think it is.  They are also incorrect in saying slavery's been abolished.

If you don't think racism exists, here ya go. (different vid, I promise) :)

As I've said before the slaves of this country aren't driven by whips, chains or the threat of a lynching.  They're driven by social programs, handouts, misinformation and the threat that it will all go away if they vote for the GOP.

Let it be noted, that today's slavery isn't simply limited to the's crossed racial boundaries and encompasses many different minorities.

Do you think that there's such a push to get illegal immigrants into the country and allowing them to vote is because we're so loving, tolerant and gosh-darn-it that's what made this country what it is today - or do you think it's because having more people enter the country with-a-wink-and-a-smile adds more numbers to "the middle and the middle left".  Getting these people in country and the right to vote is paramount

They then line up for their handouts and say "Wow, this is the Land of the Free!".

Keep people on these programs, where they needn't work in order to earn the right to vote.  Where they needn't pay taxes in order to take advantage of tax-payer funded projects/programs that you and I helped build.

So, you've got these people - you tell them they'll get all this free stuff if you continue to do as they say, vote as they say else they lose it all and are forced to "make it on their own".  Perhaps even be subjected to the harsh racism of "job interviews", "school tests" and "not getting stuff for free"...gasp!

Keeping a people subjugated, dependent on social programs, feeding them, clothing them and telling them they'll lose it all if they even think of voting for another party is slavery.  It's institutionalized, indoctrinated slavery at it's most evil.  It not only exploits the people they claim to be protecting, it exploits this country's ideals and it exploits the working class who open sadly their paychecks and but blink in utter disillusionment.

Taking a look at the 2010 MA election ballot questions will tell you all you need to know about how the Ivory Tower dwellers think.

Lessen the sales tax? "We're going to lose all the police and fire trucks.  Gonna have to push them all into the Atlantic if you vote yes on that".

Force funding for "affordable housing" (in towns/cities that have people who have worked hard all their lives to live in towns without "affordable housing"? "Cut that and you're a racist".

Remove the double tax on alcohol? "What else would you have us tax?  We're already taxing everything from your car to your internet access.  You don't want us to RAISE those taxes do you, working class?"

The government is here to protect, not provide.  For some citizens, due to politicians having turned from honest private citizens that felt a call to represent their fellow citizens to lifetime politicians that are arrogant bafoons unemployable in the private sector.

Well past nursing age, citizens of this country find every way possible to get over on the government.  The Party of Slavery figured this out and has used it to their advantage:  keep them dependent, subjugated and in need.  Control their information and distort the facts.  Make it clear to them that there is no other way and the only other alternative is the equivalent of "death" - working for oneself.  Modernized slavery, no two ways about it.

More on the slow, yet effective and ongoing Islamofascism infiltration into the United States later when the wife is finished being an unqualified loon.