Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jenn Sterger Playboy

Female readers, I apologize...please skip this post.

A warm hearth, cocoa, presents, 24 hours of the greatest Christmas movie ever and I am sitting thinking about Jen Sturger nude for some reason.

See if you can follow along.

My son got a Boston Bruins dinner set.  A little bowl & plate, some utensils, a few bottles, a bib and a place-mat with a picture of Zdeno Chara.


The greatest hockey movie ever?  Easy, Slapshot.  Melinda Dillon was in Slapshot and showed us all her MILF boobs.  Hot.

Hockey is a sport.  Football is a sport.

Jen Sturger recently made sports news for 2 reasons:
  1. She's hot as all hell
  2. Brett Favre sent her pictures of her penis
So, in all actuality that's 5 reasons.  Bonus points is you can guess the other three reasons.

To celebrate the Christmas spirit of a pervert like myself here's a few awesome Jen Sturger pics...

And I stumbled upon this candid cleavage pic of some Michigan State Fan whose breasts might rival those of Jenn Sturger's breasts...but the photographer doesn't seem to think her face measures up:

By the way, there's something about candid pics like that.  Not this one in particular, as the girl is obviously proud to be showing off her large tracts of land.  GIS "candid" and you'll know what I mean.  The girl next door type...awesome.

So uhm, Merry Christmas and I'm going to hell because of this, I hope you're happy...asshole.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you.  God bless you, your family and loved ones

God bless the Armed Forces that are sacrificing this Christmas for us, so we can sit and stuff our faces and watch that kid get his Red Rider BB Gun.

Frag as many as you can, hurry home and be with your loved ones.  You deserve it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ines Sainz Has A Foot Fetish For Sexy Rexy Ryan

Before getting to the Inez Sainz Rex Ryan Foot Fetish (lol) (which doesn't exist, I made it up to get your attention) I feel a need to say that you know you're getting old when guys you watched play when you were a kid, are now head coaches.

Or worse, when they have kids that are now playing in the NFL.

Mosi was one hell of a guy...NFL players that came from the 60s and 70s usually were.  The brand of athlete we have today is just that...a brand.  They're walking, talking commercials.  With the rare exception to the given rule (read this article about that last guy, and learn what real giving means), the majority of this era's NFL players are bigoted, racist, idiotic, loudmouthed, entitled, selfish, spoiled brats that have never been told "No" in their entire lives.

I remember watching Super Bowl 20 (this ain't Rome) when I was s3fd*$ifniu years old and I bet my dad $0.50 that the "Red Team" would win.  My father, looking at me like he had birthed a mutant with no hope for a better future, accepted said bet and watched the Super Bowl, while I asked him all sorts of questions about God knows what.  I never paid that $0.50.  Yet through my teenage years I must have borrowed thousands and crashed at least 2 cars.  Maybe I'll mail it to him.

I really don't know what the point of this post is...

Oh yeah, this:

Monday, December 20, 2010

George Bush Enacts Earthquake Machine

Hopefully killing thousands of Muslim and Islamic terrorists, George W. Bush pushed the cool orange button on his "Earthquake machine"

If there was one single thing I would be able to own, it would be the Earthquake Machine Bush somehow managed to create/steal/conjure with Black Magic.

Political blogging isn't an exact science like HAARP or The Earthquake Machine, but it sure is fun.

I get to sit back, enjoy my freedoms because of men and women like James Ayube II, while brave men and women like Hugo Chavez take on evil masterminds like George Bush head on whenever something happens.

Here's what gets me the most...imagine how stupid the poor citizens of Hugo's "country" must be that he even imagines being able to pull something like that off!  Imagine how much information he controls if he thinks, even for one single moment, that saying something so ridiculously whacky won't raise any eyebrows - and that there will be certain people under his rule that will believe him.

Imagine the misinformation these people actually pass to each other around the water coolers every day!

They have water coolers in countries like Venezuela. Iraq, Iran, Syria and Cuba right?