Saturday, January 8, 2011

Decision Points

I have a comic book habit.  Badly.

Comics are written like soap operas, to keep you hooked.  Every issue ends with a cliffhanger and you can't stop.  Secret Invasion led to the Dark Reign crossover which led to Siege which led to Heroic Age, then you had Shadowland now there's some X-Men thing - but I don't read the X-Men because they suck and it's a weak analogy of the poor, suffering special interest groups in America.

I don't care about their special interests.  I have my own to worry about...I've no room for their concerns and I certainly don't care about progressive politicians pushing their agendas upon me without Constitutional legality.

I'm digressing, but with a purpose.

Comics are usually written in 6 issue they can pack those 6 issues into trade paperbacks in case you don't want to buy single issues (which I do sometimes, now that I'm with child).  If you read a lot of titles, it's hard to remember what happened a month ago in one title, when you're reading 8-10 others.  So I've adopted the practice of holding on to issues I really like until the story arc is finished, and reading them all in one sitting.  Or waiting for that trade paperback to come out and read that.

With that free time I've been able to get into reading books more often again.

I finally cracked open Decision Points today and within the first 10 pages I felt I knew this man.  Obviously I know him as president.  But he really is that guy you wave to when you're mowing your lawn.  He's a throwback politician.  A politician pressed from the mold used to create guys like Adams, Madison, Jefferson, Harrison, Washington.  Guys that felt a calling, served and went back to their real lives.  Not a Kennedy, Kerry, Reid, Biden.

Buy this book.  Buy this book too.  Compare.  Reflect.

Then realize the very real enemy among us.

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