Sunday, January 9, 2011

Link Dump Before I Go Somewhere

I have an adventure planned today, I cannot tell you about lest you are prepared to die.

So I've got some required reading, I expect full reports in my comment box upon my return.

Ward World History gives us a nice little break down of the ACLU.

The Scottcarp Dream uses the greatest comedy of all time to tell us why the greatest failure of all time needs to be undone.

I simply can't get over this one.  In other countries, they don't bother hiding it.  This country they have to hide it, because the liberals have disguised themselves as Americans...and if that veil were to be lifted all those white-guilt democrats would lose their minds.  Thanks Distorted View.

Can We Keep Our Republic tells us how the mentality of "Everyone wins, there are no losers" has crept its way into the United States Military.

Thanks to American Perspective we get to see just how looney the Daily Kos readers are.  As if you needed more proof.

Why do I hate New England.  My Journey will explain...without words.

Et tu, Virtual Mirage?

Raise your hand if you wish you could have been one of these guys. Nod = Lady Cincinnatus.

Proof Positive indeed serves up a warm bowl of quote du jour.  Liberals, NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Never missing a chance to inject racism and blame Conservatives.  Left Coast Rebel maps out perfectly how AZ lawmakers are pointing fingers at everyone but the shooter...from Sarah Palin to the Tea Party.  Gotta bury that truth liberals...bury it good and deep so no one can see right through ya.

Rational National USA introduces Tom McClintock.  Someone the likes of which to whom more attention should be paid.

DenO's guest columnist does an amazing job of drawing our the fiscal insanity coming out of the White House.

That's it.  I'm off on my mission!

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