Sunday, January 9, 2011

NFL Picks

I'm going to give my NFL picks in a moment. But I want you to look at something.

It's something you're going to see a lot of in the coming weeks. I don't care what Sexy Rexy Ryan did, I don't care what Pete Carroll did.  I don't care how loud Ray "No 187 For Me" Lewis did.  Your team sucks, and they are going to be owned.

The Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl. Take heed, and take notice.

That's Right.  You Lost.  Cry More.
You see that look?  Get used to it.  Number 4 (which really is number 5) is on it's way.  Prepare yourself now, because it's coming.  Do what you need to do - stack up on Kleenex, put an order in for a new TV for when you throw your beer at it, call the wahmbulance - because it's all over but the shoutin'.

These are my NFL picks.

The Cravens just beat Flaccid who's never won a home post-season, that's an accomplishment!  Both the inablity to win a home game in the playoffs, and sarcastically beat a guy that's never won at home.  Slow clap for the Ravens.  They deserve it.  I mean, Ray Lewis has been wearing his Super Bowl ring from 1977 all week.  Whoopdie-diddly-dee.  Maybe he'll do that "explosion dance" before he loses to...

The Steelers.  Big Ben always wins at least one playoff game.  The Ravens seem to just be there for some reason, and then go away..except that one win against the Pats but that doesn't count because I said so.

The Seahawks beat the Saints and the NFL should be ashamed that a 7-9 team is in the second round.  What is this, the NBA?  I'm sorry if that was raaaaaaaacist.

The Seahawks will lose to the Eagles who will beat the Packers who will lose to Atlanta who will beat the Bears to go on and lose against the Pats in the Super Bowl.

Also, why are so many African-American, Blacks, Black Americans, Afro-Americans, People Of Color, Non-Whites and Americans of African Anscestry rooting for Michael Vick?

The guy's a disgusting pig of a man that should be curbed like Edward Norton did in American History X.

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  1. I wonder, if I tried to be wrong with picking...would I?


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