Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Religion Of Peace

Via Zilla.

The Religion Of Peace (my ass) that our leftist friends want us to

with - because they are simply a different culture, and we're the group of intolerant, religious, whacko Christian zealots that hate all that differ from us has a heartwarming story coming out of Afghanistan.

Obviously, this news needs to be buried on the internet where smart people go for their news because you won't find Katie Lipstick leading with it on the nightly news...not will it be at the top of Google Poos.

A judge in Afghanistan has given an Afghani Christian one week - one week - to convert to Islam or be killed.

As Zilla says..."Is this the government we want our soldiers dying for?"

I don't think we do.

These people live in the stone age...pun intended.  They are hopeless religious kookbars that can't see anything other than their own way of life.  Everything else deserves death in their opinion and they've been killing Christians at an astonishing rate for centuries.  I don't care what Hollywood tells you...take a look at the stats in that Google link.  It's astonishing.

Islam is terrorism.  Through and through, read the Koran and it'll tell you.  Look at the rate at which Muslims infest a country and breed...they have a plan and it ain't to start a Muslim branch of the Elks.

Aidan Clay, ICC Regional Manager for the Middle East, said, “Shoaib Assadullah may be given a death sentence as early as tomorrow if the international community does not act quickly. If Assadullah is executed, his death will signify the failure of the United States and her allies to liberate Afghanistan from the radical ideals of the Taliban after investing millions of dollars to reform the country’s judicial system. We urge the international community to demand the immediate release of Assadullah and to hold Afghanistan accountable to its commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”
I added the bold.  That basically means, "unless the US does something".  We all know the U.N. won't.  The U.N. is a farce that doesn't understand civil rights, but loves to preach about national sovereignty.

Will Barack Hussein Obama act on behalf of this Christian?

You know the answer.


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